Dick Smith Extended Warranties Will Be Honoured

The company that provided extended warranties for Dick Smith from 2008 up until the retailer's closure in February has confirmed it will continue to honour valid claims across Australia and New Zealand.

The Warranty Group has stated this includes claims sold before and after the chain went into receivership.

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"We’ve made this decision because it is the right thing to do by our customers," Hemaka Perera, Director of Sales for Southeast Asia, said. "The closure of Dick Smith retail stores is unfortunate and we want to give our loyal customers the peace of mind we promised when they chose to buy products from Dick Smith."

Just yesterday it was announced that online retailer Kogan had purchased Dick Smith's online business, with The Warranty Group stating the sale "does not impact The Warranty Group, as all extended warranties were sold prior to the acquisition".

"In difficult times, it is important that The Warranty Group does everything it can to inspire market confidence and provide comfort to consumers who put their trust in retailers," Mr. Perera said.

This covers all warranties sold, including some 135,000 extended warranties that were left exposed when Dick Smith went into receivership, accounting for over $2 million in retail value.

But that's just warranties sold. It is still not clear as to what will be happening with regular warranties for products purchased through Dick Smith. Kogan has been contacted and we await further details.



    It's more there legal obligation. They are a separate business that sold them. Trying to spin it like they are doing this just to be nice.

      Thats what I was thinking. Its nothing more than confirmation they're doing what they were paid to do.

      When I was in DSE a week or so ago, I asked about this, and their comment was that the extended warranty was still in play, accessible through other stores like JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, and at least one other.

      Joyce Mayne or Domayne, cant remember which *mayne it was :)

    The administrators are guaranteeing all warranties on private label products (Dick Smith, Move... probably Digitor as well). The current DS 1300 support number (which is printed on receipts for purchases of private label items) will be kept open by the administrators for warranty claims over the next year or so.

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