Daredevil Teases A ‘Sequel’ To Its Incredible Hallway Fight Scene

Daredevil Teases A ‘Sequel’ To Its Incredible Hallway Fight Scene

Charlie Cox talks up a storm about Daredevil and the path to The Defenders. The Crow reboot might well and truly be dead. Elizabeth Henstridge talks FitzSimmons’ romance on Agents of SHIELD. Plus, a new Batman v Superman clip. Behold, spoilers!

The Crow

The original Crow producers are seeking to stop the recently reformed Relativity Media from producing its incredibly troubled and long-in-development Crow reboot. This legal wrangling has already claimed director Corin Hardy as a victim — he’s been removed from the stalled project, after having re-joined the film just last November. [Collider]

Bill and Ted 3

Keanu Reeves offers the most pointless update on the film possible, but is optimistic for the future:

We’re closer and we’re not closer. We’re expecting another draft and hopefully we’ll get closer. […] We’re just trying to get the script together. We’re trying to get the story right. We’re working with this studio so we have a little bit of support, in a sense of like if the material comes through we’ll try and make this picture. We’re really just still trying to get the story right.


Suicide Squad

Hip-Hop artist Common teases his role in the film, offering that his character is called “Monster T” and is affiliated with the Joker. [Comicbook.com]

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

James Gunn has shared a new story board of a scene featuring the not-quite-baby, not-really-fully-grown Groot.

Batman v Superman

Bruce lambasts Alfred in the midst of his paranoia about Superman in a new clip shown on Ellen.

Jungle Book

Here’s a new TV spot for the film.

Central Intelligence

This “new trailer” for the spy comedy is pretty much identical to the first, except for the fact that the nightmarish scenes of Dwayne Johnson in a fat suit are front-loaded, rather than the kicker.


Charlie Cox says the show has a fight between Daredevil and Punisher that is an homage to the now-famous “hallway” fight scene from the first season’s second episode:

What was nice about doing that scene is it was almost exactly a year off from the [original ‘one-shot’] sequence, and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is a tall order. Obviously we’re going to try to ‘pay homage’ to the scene from Episode 2, Season 1 — is that something we should even attempt? But I had complete trust in Phil Silvera, the stunt coordinator, and [stunt double] Chris Brewster, who are really the best in the trade at what they do.

It was very, very hot in New York, and it begins with me carrying Jon Bernthal over my shoulder for about a minute and a half — and that guy is heavy, pure muscle!

So before I even threw a punch or a kick, I was sweating through my suit. It was a huge challenge for everyone, including the camera operator, because most of it takes place in a stairwell, but it’s one of my great memories of Season 2, and the thing I’m most excited for the fans to see.

[TV Line]

Meanwhile, he tells Entertainment Weekly how the second season sets up Matt to team up with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand in Defenders:

Something that’s very tricky for Matt is to allow anyone to help him. He finds it impossible to ask for help, for a number of reasons. One he doesn’t want to endanger the people he loves, but also because he has an arrogance about him. A self-confidence and a belief I believe in his own invincibility, which is false. One of the lessons that he’s going to have to learn this season is that he needs other people, he needs help, we all need help.

Agents of SHIELD

Elizabeth Henstridge discusses why Fitz and Simmons have decided to explore a romantic relationship together:

The further down the road we get, the more they are too suited for each other and way unsuited to anybody else they’re ever going to meet having been through so much together. They owe it to themselves to at least explore that. This is Agents of SHIELD — who knows how long a good, functional relationship lasts? I think they had to at least try. When they finally had their first kiss, some of that was just to get it out of the way so they could see what was on the other side of that. It could be that they just stay friends, but they have tried every other option at this point, so I understand why they’re at least exploring the more romantic options.


The Flash

Kevin Smith, currently directing an episode of the series, has shared a set picture of himself with longtime collaborator Jason Mewes on the set. Naturally, this has lead to speculation that Mewes will have a cameo appearance in the episode. [Comicbook.com]

Of Kings and Prophets

“Sad” news — TV Line reports that this sexy Bible show’s ratings have tanked massively following the second episode, all but ensuring its swift cancellation.

Sleepy Hollow

Here’s a brief press release for “Ragnarok”, the season finale:


After a startling discovery, Abbie and Crane realise what they must do in order to make Pandora’s box complete again. Meanwhile, the team works tirelessly to stop The Hidden One, before he destroys all of humanity. Can the Witnesses succeed with the fate of the world in their hands once again?

[Spoiler TV]


Finally, here’s an incredibly brief promo teasing the show’s crossover with The Flash.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Banner Art by Jim Cooke.

Image: Daredevil.