Daisy Ridley May Raid Some Tombs As The New Lara Croft

Daisy Ridley May Raid Some Tombs as the New Lara Croft

When your debut movie makes over $US2 billion, your career is sure to get a bit of a boost. That's certainly the case for Daisy Ridley, who is not only currently shooting Star Wars Episode 8 but also being considered to play Lara Croft in a new version of Tomb Raider.

Deadline reports that Ridley is one of several young actresses being eyed for the rebooted film, which has been in development for several years. Of course, Angelina Jolie played the badarse female archaeologist in two movies, in 2001 and 2003, but a new version of the film series began to percolate around 2009. Things escalated when the game franchise got its own super successful reboot in 2013 and just last year, they hired Norwegian director Roar Uthaug to direct and Geneva Robertson-Dworet to write the script. (Oddly, neither is mentioned in the Deadline report.)

The main name here is Ridley who, after Star Wars Episode VIII, only has one movie on her schedule: Star Wars Episode IX. She'd have time to play the role, the ability and the audience recognition. Overall, she'd be an amazing choice. But you have to wonder, depending on where the Star Wars series takes Rey, will she be too close to Croft for Ridley to be interested?

The new Tomb Raider film is currently without a release date.


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    A++ yes please. Ridley was fantastic in TFA.

    Though I want John Boyega to be her sidekick because he was aces also.

    Yes, that would be great - though they will have to CGI the top half of her quite heavily to stay in line with the Lara physique...

      Nah screw that, what sort of real-life female tomb raider would be top heavy? It'd be way impractical. Lara Croft doesn't need to be a porn star, she needs to be someone who can kick arse and raid tombs

        it's always depressing seeing conversations about female characters reduced to their breast size. :/

        There's more to Lara than boobs, and having them doesn't make you a sex worker - or incapable of physical activty. Geez.

        I think Daisy would kick butt in the role, it's a great choice.

        Im pretty sure people don't pick their career by the size of their tits, a real life tomb raider could have a cup or freaking j cup because in real life boob size doesn't stop people doing what they want to do.

      In assuming they would go with the rebooted Laura who has a more average bust size.

    Why would they not just get Camilla Luddington to play Lara?

    All the new generation better look for new films, don't want to pull a Mark Hamill now do we? LOL

    Yes please, all for it. My only concern would be that the film would be shore and Ridley would this be wasted.

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