Bone Church Is The Actual Most Metal Place On Earth

Bone Church Is the Actual Most Metal Place on Earth

Video: Get your best leather on, blast some Electric Wizard and say a quick prayer to Satan, because we're going to bone church. The Sedlec Ossuary is a tiny Roman Catholic chapel beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints in the Czech Republic. Back in the 1200s, Sedlec was considered especially pious, and therefore a very desirable place to be buried. After a plague, a war and some construction, the church had to exhume the bodies and had way more bones than they knew what to do with — so they hired František Rint, a wood carver, who turned the skeletons into chandeliers and stuff.

It's not quite as metal as that band who allegedly made a stew out of their bandmate's brain, but making art out of 70,000 skeletons has to count for something, right?

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