Beyond Gorgeous Video Shows The Making Of A Damascus Steel Sword

Beyond Gorgeous Video Shows the Making of a Damascus Steel Sword

Video: Turn it up to 8K if you can (you can't), because this truly awesome video of master bladesmith Tony Swatton working on a Roman Gladius Sword made from damascus steel is a treat to watch. Damascus steel is basically art in a material, the metal developing a wavy pattern as the layers get built. This sword is especially awesome because it combines a 93-layer damascus technique in the blade with a twisted grip. Phil Holland filmed the video in 8K with the upcoming RED Weapon 8K camera. You can read more about the process here.


    "Damascus Steel"

      Yeah the word "Damascus Steel" gets thrown around a lot. No one knows how Damascus steel was made, this is just regular folded steel

    The folding is interesting, a lot of people think it makes a better sword. It does to a degree but only if you're using low quality steel. The folding helps extract carbon from the steel. so a lot of folding was needed to make a reliable sword. If you were to make a sword out of modern low carbon steels you wouldn't need any folding at all. As far as Damascus steel goes they did use a different technique for making their pig iron, the process is widely known, but a lot of theories I've heard is there was some other impurities in the iron ore and that they were actually using some sort of alloy .

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