Australia Won't Get The HTC Vive Until May

Pre-orders are now open for the HTC Vive, the major virtual reality competitor to the Oculus Rift. As well as being slugged with a price of around $1400 Australian dollars, we're also disadvantaged by about a month over our international compatriots when it comes to shipping.

Over at Kotaku, Alex has the news -- US$817.27 for the device itself and US$110 for shipping, which is a solid $1413.46. for anyone wanting to buy the Vive in Australia. And more than the price, is a significant extra wait for the actual headset and its accessories to ship internationally.

We'll be waiting until May to get the Vive in Australia -- only the very first pre-orders were guaranteed (or just told, at least) an April shipping date. That's pretty disappointing considering we're paying more than $150 Australian dollars for shipping; it's certainly possible that the HTC Vive is wildly popular and is selling through in such massive quantities to lead to these delays, but I would have hoped HTC would have forecast demand somewhat.

Read the full story on Kotaku.



    Australia: where we get reamed by technology on a regular basis.

    Australia: a day late and a dollar more.

    Why is it $817 US.
    Every other country lists the local currency. Pounds, Euros, Yen etc.
    Is everyone sure it's not Aussie Dollars?

    No author you have it wrong, we get it in april, although that many people have ordered that it has been pushed back to may for people who have ordered it later. I am in the april shipment and i live in australia.

      I said that early pre-orders would get it in April, now future AU preorders get it in May -- even though future US preorders will still get it in April.

        Yet your headline is quite misleading. It suggests that we are being held back by HTC. The US is in the same boat. And we're getting orders from the US.

        Two deliberately negative headlines about the Vive in two days? Why? Are you trying to skupper the platform before it gets off the ground?

        Last edited 02/03/16 6:34 am

    I'll bet anyone $1000 that you will NEVER be able to buy this from an Australian retailer who has purchased from HTC Australia

    Agreed Anthony. Pre-ordered last night and at the time of order it clearly stated April shipping.

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