Audio Module For LG G5's Magic Slot Works With Other Phones

Audio Module For LG G5's Magic Slot Works With Other Phones

The new Magic Slot system, found in the upcoming LG G5, seems very slick in theory, but it's some grade-A proprietary bullshit. You want all the magic this slot is gonna slide into your hand? Then get ready to love the G5 and only the G5. Forever. So colour me impressed that at least one accessory for your new favourite slot will work with other phones. The 32-bit DAC LG is offering in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen will give you significantly better audio quality than a traditional phone audio output. But that's provided you have great headphones and access to some high quality audio files. (Finally a use for Tidal!) As YouTuber TK Bay illustrates in a recent video, it also works with other phones with the help of a USB-C cable.

You shouldn't necessarily grab the B&O DAC just to use with your non-G5 phone, but this is great news for G5 users who want to get the most out of their dongles.

However this is one important note: this interconnectivity via USB-C seems to be limited to the DAC and its included cover for right now. If you're hoping to make use of the expanded battery or camera dongle or robot controller you are are likely s.o.l.

Also it's super clunky carrying around a little block, and a phone, and multiple cables, and headphones. If I really want to listen to music that requires a DAC I think I'll hold out for an update to V-Moda's sleek (and expensive) phone DAC instead. At least that one latches onto the back of the phone so I'm not running around with a long string of interconnected devices in my pocket.

[YouTube via Digital Trends]



    Seriously? V-Mode may be sleek but it's gigantic compared to LG's solution! If you think carrying around the V-Mode strapped to your phone is preferable to LG's dongle, then you've either only wear cargo pants or you're smoking something funny.

    "long string of interconnected devices in my pocket" What? You are seriously prejudiced dude!

    BTW I am a samsung boy! but looks like you are trying very hard to discredit LG's innovation.. They have broken the monotony in the mobile world which was prevalent for so long.. and they deserve credit for that. I have been an Apple and Sammy person (imported the iPhone 2G from US at the time..)

    I am not particularly impressed with the build quality of the device; but they have broken the ice and soon other 'better manufacturers' will give us better iterations.. (i so hope at least)

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