Apple Quietly Fixed A Dumb Problem During Today's Event

Apple Quietly Fixed a Dumb Problem During Today's Event

Hidden amongst the excitement of releasing a two-year-old phone today, Apple also revealed another, far less exciting problem: a USB-C to Lightning cable, finally fixing a unique and stupid problem for the one per cent.

Up until now, if you spent $US1500 ($1,978) on a Retina Macbook, and $US600 ($791) on an iPhone, there was no way to connect your two devices. Of course, in Apple's chamfered utopia, all devices sync with iCloud and Airdrop, you never have to manually update firmware, and batteries last all day long.

In reality, Wi-Fi often sucks and I'm constantly charging my iPhone off my laptop, something that owners of Apple's newest and thinnest Macbook cannot do, because it only has one port. Mercifully, that problem is now fixed, and if you spend $US25 ($33) on a cable for this one very specific use, you'll be able to hook your two iDevices together. The future!




    Except if you want to charge your MacBook and your iPhone at the same time, you'll need an extra dongle...

    You can also just get one of these, gives you more options also:

    Sounds like the real problem is having ONE port.... and it being USB-C.

    Should have at least 1xusb3 and 1xusb-c, having the one sounds like it'd be a pain for more than just charging iphones. If I owned one I'm sure I'd begrudgingly buy some converter to have normal usb options, what a joy that would be............

      Except that most iPhones and iPad, including the new iPad Pro 6s Mini SE Retina True Color 9.7" only transfers at USB2 speeds. Apparently only the ipad Pro jumbo edition (JE) transfers at USB3 speed

        Speed doesn't matter as much as being able to plug the damn thing in, but yes I hear you.

          Power is a concern for sure, you're draining one small battery to fill another. How much of a hit does it give to your MacBook when you charge a phone or ipad?
          That single port and the CPU offerings are holding me back at the moment

      I think the MacBook is just not for everyone. If you want more ports there's heaps of other MacBook options with the air and pro range. To me the new MacBook is more akin to a tablet. For users like my girlfriend who never plugs anything other than her charge cable to her laptop it would be no issue and the size and styling would be a far greater advantage to her.

    It's worth noting that other laptops offer USB-C too. I'd be happy to connect my iPhone to my Dell XPS 13 via USB to free up the standard ports for the (admittedly occasional) times I have them both already in use.

    Somebody who wrote this has an Apple chip on their shoulder.

    one poets aces costs for Apple, plus it makes people buy more cables, a double win for their profit margin.

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