Apple's New 9.7-Inch iPad Pro: Australian Price And Release Date

All the power you want, in a size that you can actually carry with you. That's the overriding trend of today's Apple announcements, which extend to a brand new smaller iPad Pro, with the same 9.7-inch form factor that we've become used to with the iPad and iPad Air. The smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro also includes a very important world-first — a screen that changes colour to suit the ambient light in the room around you. Here's how much you'll pay, and when you can buy one in Australia.

The new, smaller iPad Pro will cost you a surprisingly reasonable amount in Australia, with the entry-level storage option being a 32GB tablet for $899, a 128GB variant for $1049 and a whopping 256GB top of the line storage option for $1399. This is a fair amount cheaper than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which starts at $1099 and extends as far as $1599 in Australia. Like the iPhone SE, it'll be available from March 31 in Australia, with pre-orders opening a week before on March 25.

That 256GB option is a very important move, too — Apple's iPads and iPhones use NVMe flash memory, which is very expensive and just about the fastest you can find this side of a server cabinet. It's not cheap, and although you do pay proportionally more for a larger internal storage capacity, it's not as cheap an upgrade as you might expect it to be from Apple's production side of things.

Said iPad Pro uses exactly the same hardware as the larger 12.9-inch model — Apple's most powerful ever A9X system-on-chip, the same camera and quad-speaker array, Touch ID and Apple Pay and all the trimmings. The new 9.7-inch screen is brighter and more colourful than ever, though, knocking the iPad Air 2 from its perch as the best tablet display. More importantly, the new True Tone Display changes its colour temperature to suit the light in the room around you.



    You gotta hand it to Apple. They have a 2yo iPad Air on market, running at an insanely inflated $699 (or whatever) price point. It runs a phone OS, to this day.

    Now, two years on, this device finally gets an update. Still running phone OS, but a couple expected features thrown in.

    And they charge you $200+ more. And people lap it up like some revolutionary masterpiece.

    Fuckin' genius.

      Yeah, but dat NVME storage man :P Apple is still the only one using it in phones & tablets from what I gather. I so wish I could afford an NVME drive for my PC :(

      $900 for a 32 GB non-expandable phone OS tablet. Came online today expecting Gizmodo to immediately start praising mediocrity. Was not disappointed.

      What's the advantage of this over say a laptop with a touch screen? The laptop would have more storage, a better battery life, a solid keyboard, and more ports (HDMI, USB...)

    Any pricing on the Apple Smart Keyboard for the new iPad? Also, what about RAM?

      Apple never disclose RAM, you will need to wait until someone does a teardown of the tablet to find out this spec

      The Tablet has 2GB confirmed and is clocked slower than the 12.9" model for both CPU and GPU.

    Who exactly is "lapping this up as a revolutionary masterpiece"? Are you 100% sure you're not confusing your perceptions of people discussing an apple announcement as fanboy-ism?

    So I'm a little confused here.
    Are we going to see two separate iPad lines?
    I.e. a iPad Pro line and and an iPad Air line?
    Or are the iPad Pro's going to be replacing the Air's completely?
    And if we will see two separate lines will the iPad Air 2 get it's own upgrade?

      The new Pro is the upgraded Air; going forward it will just be Mini and two sizes of Pro, there will be no Air (flashback to Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown...)

        Ahhh ok. Cool thanks for that.
        It seems a bit odd to have a "pro" line without anything a non-pro line though.
        But hey whatever.

        I think Apples new motto really should be "We're drunk with power"
        That's awesome.

    Desktop OS in a tablet, please. Nobody will take ipad as a serious business option until this happens.

      We take it very seriously right now, and do not want the overhead of a desktop OS in a tablet, and all the problems it brings.
      For those that need it, the Surface etc. fill that niche quite well.

        Well i can speak from my experience only, but My Surface Pro 4 tablet has been outstanding. Used at work daily in an engineering environment. Taking meeting notes with the pen, marking up PDF drawings, using fully functional spread sheets etc etc. I can then transport this small device with me when i travel to site with the added bonus of it being useful as a tablet as well.

        Only negative is battery life. That is my experience.

      As far as I'm concerned that's what laptops are for.
      They will always be better for general work things.

    This is what I wanted the original iPad to be. Too bad the industry and myself have moved on to far better alternatives.

    Imagine what it would've been like if these accessories were relased with the original.

    Expensive as f*ck. Even the Air 2, which has been reduced down to $599, is still too expensive.

    Last edited 22/03/16 5:24 pm

      Indeed, and now you know why Apple's tablet sales are falling at highest rate in the industry. Ludicrous pricing they can get [email protected] Are these the 4G or wifi only prices?

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