Apple's New 4-Inch iPhone SE: Australian Price And Release Date

The rumours were right: this morning, a brand new iPhone SE was announced by Apple. The smaller phone is nearly identical in hardware to the larger iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but it's a lot friendlier to smaller hands and slimmer pockets. It's also the cheapest iPhone ever, which is nice too. Here's how much you'll pay, and when you can buy one in Australia.

The iPhone SE will start from $679 in Australia, which is a pretty hefty Australia tax on top of the phone's US$399 starting point internationally. That stack of cash will get you a 16GB iPhone SE in any of Apple's four distinctive colourways, and for the larger 64GB version, you'll pay $829 for the iPhone SE. The new, small phone will be available from March 31. Pre-sales start a week before on March 24 (PDT), which is March 25 in Australia.

Replacing the iPhone 5S directly, the iPhone SE is built around a 4-inch display -- smaller than the iPhone 6 and 6s' 4.7-inch, and the 6s Plus' 5.5-inch screens. It also has the same squared-off body as the iPhone 5S and the same all-metal back, with Touch ID and the 6s' 12-megapixel camera. The same Apple A9 processor as the iPhone 6s is exactly what we were hoping for, making the iPhone SE far and away the most powerful small phone you can buy.


    To fully appreciate the scope of the Australia Tax on these:

    The US Prices are $USD399 for the 16GB, and $USD499 for 64GB.

    If we factor in American Sales Tax (varying between states, but around 8.5% on average), those prices rise to $USD432 and $USD541 approximately.

    Then converting those prices with tax to AUD, we get $569 for the 16GB and $712 for the 64GB.

    Therefore, the Australia tax on the 16GB is $110, and $117 on the 64GB.

    I think I'll stick to my iPhone 5.

      Actually, that's not quite right. The USD$400 price would be converted to local currency, so AU$527 then the 10% GST is applied onto that, AU$575. Only a small difference in the end between our methods. You could probably account for another 5% or so in currency assurance, but then the rest is just Apple making money.

        Well in Australia we have laws that protect people a bit more than the US in regards to warranty and work etc. So they have to bear the cost of that as well. Wages for local staff is probably the biggest one. So not pure profit.

          Oh yes, and also I he cost of living in Australia is just higher as well so it all does add up for the most part.

          Australia has worse tax laws though, apple pays less than 1% tax here because they route their profits through Ireland. Even selling at the same price as the US, they would make way more profit here.

          Looking round the trains and trams, most people have an apple product, I think apple does very well selling in australia, and could definitely afford to sell the product at market value.

          They won't though, because they know isheep just open their wallets and throw wads of cash their way irrespective of the cost, design or features.

            Do they not route all their US tax through ireland as well?

              ^ What he said.. Do we convert from Ireland or USA? I guess it doesn't matter. In any case, it costs what it costs.

        Sorry to be contrary, Bushrat, but you're comparing the American Tax Free price to the Australia Tax Inclusive Price. To get a true comparison, surely you need to take both taxes into account, as they are the price the user pays.

        While sales tax vary from state to state in the US (unlike the flat 10% here), the current average is 8.5%.

        Last edited 22/03/16 11:54 am

          Bushrat converted the tax free price to AUD then added 10% tax (GST), which is the most accurate way to compare. The fact that the "average sales tax in the US is 8.5%" is irrelevant because some states are 0 and others are up to 15% (afaict) so the only way is to work tax free until the final step. Which is how GST works anyway.

          It's still over $100 in real terms.

      And what was the latest price on 5S from apple, do you know? Since this is merely an upgraded 5S.

        Unfortunate answer? Discontinued. There would be no place in the market for the SE if the 5S was still retailing.

          I mean the day before SE was announced. What was the AU price of 5S, and how doesthe SE price compare - considering it's the iterative upgrade of the 5S.

        It was $529, sold as a prepaid phone.

          $529 vs $679 for an incremental upgrade.

          Meanwhile, LG G4, a current flagship, which beats even 6S in numerous key areas, is $370 on sale.

            none of these companies have even realized after 10 years that people love a great designed quality made product, most of them bring out plastic this and plastic that, is it really that hard to get a team of people that know how to design something? alot of these companies have heaps of money but don't spend it in the key areas.

            I use android and windows but can honestly say apple just gets it!

            I don't agree that's an incremental upgrade. I mean, the 5s is cheaper because it's a outdated by a few years, whereas this is (minus a the 3D Touch feature and selfie cam) cutting edge internals for an apple product. You've got Substantially more years of use (before the point where an iOS update slows it down or doesn't support it) of you with this one than with a 5s you bought last week. This seems very cheap compared to what they charge for a 6s or 6s+, which is mostly the same internals.

            Same design doesn't mean incremental upgrade to my mind.

      Not all states have sales tax. Oregon, for example, does not.

    The pricing is actually not that much higher once you do currency conversion, add GST (as apple US prices do not include tax which varies from state to state) and so on.

    Meanwhile, is that a pink phone? Doesn't look very rose gold to me. Looks wife will love it haha.

      In the words of John Oliver: “Rose gold looks like someone vomited a salmon dinner onto a pair of dirty ballet shoes."

    Gotta be a monster battery life with a modern phone that thick! They're talking about the iPhone 7 being 1mm thinner.

    Still waiting for the iPad mini size iPhone, that's when I'll buy a new phone, my 6Plus will do for now. Cheers

    I'll just leave this here:

      We'll they did say it will be downhill once Jobs left. And now we have tech blogs around the world referring to Apple as the new Microsoft (of the 90s).

        omg tech blogs are commenting that must be the truth then, how about you look at the numbers? sales figures, stock price etc etc. your opinion is pointless when we have facts to look at.

          There share price is on a downwards trend. Though it usually picks up after a new model release. But they are sort of correct after jobs left the share price although high has had no dramatic changes like it did under him. He made the company what it is and they're still riding it. The question is can they keep it that way or not. That's why they talk about innovation all the time, you can only churn out the same product over and over until either people get bored or your competitors catch up. Jobs over saw big innovations, ipod, iTunes, iPhone. Since his departure there hasn't been another big thing. That's what has people concerned.
          Plus apples value comes from its masses of revenue, revenue isn't profit. There operating costs are huge. You loose sales you loose revenue your value drops pretty rapidly. That's why they have to have these big sellers. The iPhone sells well but so do competitors and we are still in a smart phone take up stage. So once everyone has a smart phone the market will slow. What will apple do then? Yeah they have other products but not in the way that say Samsung does that has a hand in everything.

          Last edited 27/03/16 11:21 am

    Wow that's actually way to expensive for what it is. Yet people (apple fanboys) are still going to buy these in droves

      Or people that want a smaller phone, that has the performance and features of a current flagship phone, and prefer iOS. It doesn't make someone a fanboy to choose the product that works best for them.

        If they go for this without considering the many other great smart phones out there they are.

        Last edited 22/03/16 3:26 pm

          If you're in the apple economy system. ITunes etc you really don't have much choice.

          What if they consider the other great smartphones but decide they still like iOS best?

    Well the iPod Touch is 4" sans new CPU/touch features/Phone function and is only 16GB $279 VS $679

    Last edited 22/03/16 2:12 pm

    Hey that's great! Hopefully Android will catch on and release few 4 inch decent sets. I had to go to USA to find a mid range phone that weighs 98g.... speaking of which... how much does this thing weigh?

    I just want to point out, $679 is the RRP. The RRP of the 5S (at least here in Vodafone where I work) is $749.

    Also need to factor in postage and handling costs to get over to Australia

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