Angry Fans May Have Actually Driven Down The 100's Ratings

Angry Fans May Have Actually Driven Down The 100's Ratings

Fans were not pleased about the major death in the episode of The 100 that aired last week in the US. And since then, they have been furiously working not just to declare their displeasure -- but to make the show itself pay a heavy price. Spoilers for last week's episode...

Thanks to Twitter fans have more access to creators and decision makers than ever before, and also more ability to organise a massive campaign in a hurry. Fans of The 100 quickly showed how angry they were, by targeting creator Jason Rothenberg. In just 24 hours, he lost more than 10,000 followers, and his numbers have continued a steady (albeit smaller) decline since.

Angry Fans May Have Actually Driven Down The 100's Ratings


But Twitter, as a metric of audience engagement is relatively new -- and officially, no one really gives a hoot if a showrunner's follower count plummets after an unpopular story move.

Which was why 100 fans took a different tack last night. They tuned out of the show, and focused on getting their competing hashtag, #LGBTFansDeserveBetter, trending. The hashtag was selected because the character who was killed off was one of the few explicitly queer characters on the show.

The hashtag did trend, and The 100 did not crack Nielsen's Top 5 shows, as measured via Twitter. More importantly, The 100 suffered its worst ratings all season. Only 1.25 million people watched, as compared the week before when 1.39 million viewers tuned in.

It might not be fair to chalk this dip entirely up to fandom wrath -- numbers were down across the board, with even The Big Bang Theory scoring its lowest numbers of the season. But when your show already has a tiny audience, antagonising a large chunk of them might not go so well for you.

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    I don't get the LGBT part of this. So some fans are angry because a queer character died? I don't get it.... I don't watch this show. But if characters dying is normal in the show I don't see why killing off one character has anything to do with their sexuality or whatever.
    Is it bad that straight characters die? no? then it shouldn't be a big deal when a LGBT character dies.

      Minor characters have a habit of dying off, major characters not so much. From memory there is one explicitly queer character and they happen to lean toward being a major character. Some fans are pissed that their sole representation, and an interesting character, was killed off.
      The argument is it's bad for a minority character to be killed.

    They can't have been following the story too closely. Her death has been hinted at since she first appeared in the show. I've been wondering every Ep of this season if she'll die in this one. And the character's death was nesesary for the primary stories advancement.
    The ironic thing is that two queer male characters played a prominent role in the episode that they all decided to boycott.

    LGBT folks - straight or queer, we all die! This is equality after all!! FFS..

    Do we have to have LGBT in every TV series? They represent `2% of population.

      Really? Just 2%? Maybe i just live and work in heavy LGBT areas but it seems way more than 2%.. not even accounting the ones who dont come out or swing.

      That being said, 100% agree.. we dont need LGBT in every damn thing and not killing an LGBT character just because of that fact, is stupidly pandering.

      Im a homo and i dont even want to see or hear about LGBT in every damn show, and have no issue with them killing off a LGBT character. Its called a plot and shock factor.

      This is The 100 so there should be 2 of them!

      The characters in the 100 haven't been done in an invasive way. Clark is bisexual, Lexa is gay, there's a gay male couple and that's all we've really seen so far. Asides that we've had a dozen or two straight relationships or potentials on the show. Put that in perspective and chill a little man.

      Last edited 13/03/16 4:08 am

    Utterly ridiculous. While the season was a little slow to start, it's turning out absolutely fantastic so far. Their loss, big bunch of friggin crybabies lol. Either way this hasn't had a negative effect on the show, it was just renewed for season 4.

    Last edited 13/03/16 4:08 am

    Hope for Clexa at the end of season 3?

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