An Incomplete List Of Things The US Federal Government Should Stop Using Thanks To Apple

An Incomplete List of Things the Federal Government Should Stop Using Thanks to Apple

In the latest salvo of the ongoing Apple vs FBI salvo, Florida GOP congressman David Jolly has introduced a (doomed) bill banning the US federal government from purchasing unpatriotic, terrorist-loving iPhones. Taking this logic to the extreme, here's a more complete list of products that should be boycotted. A who's-who of Silicon Valley companies have voiced legal support for Apple's position. If we assume, therefore, that Rep. Jolly would also support a boycott of those companies and their products, here is a short list of things the federal government will no longer be able to use:

  • Computers containing an Intel processor
  • Twitter (send comments to @USRepDavidJolly)
  • Facebook (remember to like Congressman David Jolly)
  • Phones running Android
  • Computers running Windows
  • Windows Phone devices
  • Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or any email hosted on a Microsoft Exchange server
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • YouTube
  • Websites or services hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Mobile or landline internet from AT&T
  • WhatsApp, Snapchat or Instagram
  • Networks using Cisco hardware
  • Nest thermostats
  • Dropbox or Box (or Google Drive, iCloud, Flickr or Microsoft OneDrive for that matter)
  • eBay
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari

If you can think of any other 9/11-supporting, ISIS-loving technologies to boycott, feel free to email Congressman Jolly. I'm sure he'll love reading your messages on his AMD-powered Linux machine via AOL.

[Ars Technica]


    So they can still use computers made in, and the national OS of the DPKR?

      Kim Jong Un likes Apple products:

      I'm pretty sure there are UN-enforced trade restrictions on technology with North Korea so they are out of luck with that.

      Shame....would have been funny to see them running Red Star.

    The ATO goes the other way, they were bagging out apple for their massive tax avoidance one week then purchasing their phones for 10,000 middle management employees the next!

      The ATO should just seize Apple products for tax avoidance.

        And Android/Windows products as well, since they're also engage in the practise.

        And Android/Windows products as well, since they also engage in the practise.

      That was just a scheme for them to track the flow of a known chunk of revenue through Apple's accounting system.

    The earliest historical paper on cryptoanalysis, the mathematics of breaking coded messages originatinated was written in 9th century... in the Islamic middle-east. So he should boycott cryptonanalysis.

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