All The News You Missed Overnight: Twitter’s Aussie #Moments Launch

All The News You Missed Overnight: Twitter’s Aussie #Moments Launch

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Twitter Just Launched Moments In Australia
Twitter has been experimenting with a few different ways to keep irregular Tweeters interested in the 140-character microblogging service. The latest experiment to launch in Australia is Moments, a dedicated section of the site (or app) where Twitter’s own employees build bespoke posts around the most talked-about and news events of the day — and it’ll be all over Aussie Twitter by the end of today.

Moments is/are a new form of rich Twitter media, where multiple tweets are brought together in a narrative format and punctuated with images, video and GIFs and headed by a short blurb. They’re meant to be both pointers to high-quality accounts for new or irregular Twitter users to follow, as well as a catch-all place for Twitter to aggregate and immortalise important or newsworthy tweets for later reference.

The Real Reason A Million Acres Of America’s Farmland Disappeared Last Year
One million acres of farmland basically vanished from the United States last year alone. Was it due to the weird weather, condo uberplexes, a blip in the space-time continuum? Nope, it’s something else entirely: the fundamental realities of farming.

A new federal report out this week pinned the loss of American farmland in 2015 over a million acres. In the same period, 18,000 farms disappeared. At the same time, huge farms are getting bigger and bigger — This is all part of a trend that’s been going on for at least the last eight years.

This Guy Spent Four Years Creating An Imaginary Reddit For 3016
What will the Internet look like in 3016? Well, the Huffington Post will have a new name, the Galactic Security Administration will be the focus of conspiracy theorists, MindTube will tap videos right into your grey matter… and Reddit will look pretty much exactly the same.

At least according to Reddit 3016, a daily-updating art project built almost singlehandedly by Blair Erickson, which imagines the Frontpage Of The Internet for the distant future’s viral news. “There’s a ton of amazing cool shit in the site that nobody has found yet,” Erickson told Gizmodo. “Secret stuff that might blow a few minds.”

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