All The News You Missed Overnight: There Was A Telstra 4G Outage (Again)

All The News You Missed Overnight: There Was A Telstra 4G Outage (Again)

Good morning! It’s a busy world out there. All The News You Missed Overnight gives you a guide to everything techy that happened while you were sleeping.

There’s An Australia-Wide Telstra Mobile Outage Right Now
Users have begun reporting widespread issues with Telstra’s mobile network over the last hour, with Telstra yet to outline reasons why. Update: Telstra has told Gizmodo that it apologises for the inconvenience and will be “providing a free data day for all of our mobile customers on Sunday 3 April.“

7:19am: Telstra notes that “the issue started at around 6pm and we started seeing progressive restoration from around 7.30pm. The issue was sporadic so different people were impacted at different times.

SeaWorld Will Finally Stop Using Killer Whales… After Just A Few More Years Of Exploitation
SeaWorld has announced that it’s ended the practice of breeding orcas in captivity. It will also stop running its theatrical shows, replacing them with what it calls “natural” encounters with the animals — but only by 2019.

SeaWorld currently looks after 24 orcas. In a statement, Joel Manby, the company’s President and CEO, explained that these will be “the last generation of orcas in our care”. Instead, the focus will shift to other animals and, apparently, the “expanded advocacy for wild whales, seals, and other marine creatures”.

A Long-Lost H.P. Lovecraft Manuscript Has Been Uncovered
Good news, Lovecraft fans! While it’s not a new piece of fiction, a new manuscript penned by the famous horror writer has been discovered, tucked away in a collection of magical memorabilia.

The 31-page manuscript, titled “The Cancer of Superstition”, was a project requested by Harry Houdini for Lovecraft to ghostwrite shortly before the magician’s death in 1926, rallying against belief in the supernatural and superstitions — that they were an “inborn inclination” that “persists only through mental indolence of those who reject modern science”. It seems a strange thing for either of the two men to condemn, especially when the supernatural inspired so much of their professions.

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