All The News You Missed Overnight: Upgrade Your Macbook’s Hard Drive

All The News You Missed Overnight: Upgrade Your Macbook’s Hard Drive

Good morning! It’s a busy world out there. All The News You Missed Overnight gives you a guide to everything techy that happened while you were sleeping.

There’s Finally A Way To Upgrade Macbook Storage

A 50-Kilometre-Long Ice Shelf Is About To Break Away From Antarctica
Two years ago, a crack appeared on an ice shelf along a stretch of Antarctic coast. The fissure has grown substantially since then, raising concerns that it will break free and form an iceberg over twice the size of Manhattan.

Ice shelves are thick plates of coastline ice that float over the ocean. This particular ice shelf, called the Nansen ice shelf, measures about 50km long and 35km across. In 2013, geologists noticed that a crack had formed on the shelf running parallel to the coast. Satellite images taken late last year show the degree to which the crack has grown since that time. Scientists are now saying the entire structure could break free from the continent and float into Terra Nova Bay in the Southern Ocean.

Roomba’s New Tiny Robot Mops Instead Of Sucks
Roombas are, presumably, very cool. Sharing a home with a black lab, a white Persian and a lot of rugs with tassels means I would not know. Roombas are for people with wall to wall carpets. Or rugs sans the tassels.

The iRobot Braava Jet 240 (made by them Roomba folks) is for another subset of the human race — the people who have a home festooned in tile and hardwoods. Built primarily for kitchen and bathroom spaces, it can only clean a 9-18 square metre range. That’s less than the 32 square metres the high-end Braava or the 27 square metres the last mopping Roomba handled.

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