All The News You Missed Over The Weekend: Tasmania’s Basslink Cable Cut Causing Internet Woes

All The News You Missed Over The Weekend: Tasmania’s Basslink Cable Cut Causing Internet Woes

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TPG Relents To Tasmanian Government, Secures Extra Bandwidth From Telstra For Damaged Basslink It’s been on the cards since Basslink, the power / data carrying cable that connects Tasmania to mainland Australia, was damaged in late December last year. Yet, TPG was happy to leave customers with degraded internet, potentially for months, until intervention from the Tasmanian government forced the ISP’s hand.

Despite knowing for months that repairs would eventually need to be undertaken, it appears TPG failed to come to an arrangement with Telstra to secure additional bandwidth during the downtime. If the degradation was only going to be for a few hours, it’d be a little more understandable, but when customers realised the compromised service could last for three months — and perhaps longer — any sliver of sympathy for the telco quickly evaporated.

These Hidden Credit Card Skimmers Are On The Rise Watch where you put your card. The ATM security organisation EAST has published a new report pointing out that the use of so-called Throat Inlay Skimming devices — which are hidden within the card slot — is rising.

These kinds of devices are “placed inside the card reader throat in front of the shutter”, according to EAST. The organisation claims that three countries across Europe have reported a rise in the use of such devices, though it doesn’t say which ones.

How To Send An Email In 1984 Personal computing has changed a lot in the last 30 years, as this episode segment from 80s tech show Database will no doubt prove. For example, what the heck is the Micronet? Micronet was an early Information Provider available through the Prestel service in the United Kingdom during the 70s and 80s. URLs hadn’t been dreamed up yet, so every page on the service was numbered. Numbered! That must have been a nightmare.

Some parts of it were way ahead of their time, like online games and a celebrity chat feature whose closest modern analogue is probably the Reddit AMA. Think of Micronet as a precursor to AOL. And just like how exciting AOL was in the early 90s, these tech reporters seem really hype about Micronet and the impending possibility of a rival service from Commodore.

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