All The News You Missed Over The Weekend: Australia Bans Hoverboards

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Australian Federal Government Bans Hoverboards (Temporarily)An interim ban on not-really-hoverboards was announced by the Assistant Treasurer Friday, preventing the sale of dodgy hoverboards that are prone to exploding. The ban will take effect from Saturday March 19 and will be in place for 60 days, until further action can be decided upon.

The revised Australian response comes two days after the US officially banned hoverboards. It’s become pretty common knowledge that so-called ‘hoverboards’ not only make you look like a wanker, but are inherently dangerous too. How The US Government Keeps Its Phone Spying Gear A Secret Federal agencies go to extreme lengths to keep powerful phone spying gear secret — and new information shows just how the US government pressures investigators to keep it under wraps.

Documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union, published yesterday, show how the Department of Justice urges investigators to hide its surveillance techniques from the public. This phone spying relies on a device made by the Harris Corporation. Known as a “Stingray”, it mimics mobile phone towers to grab data from phones. And the US government really doesn’t want anyone to know more than that.

Asteroid Hunters Around The World Just Spotted Something Incredible If an asteroid were closing in on our planet, we’d know about it quickly thanks to a dedicated network of astronomers. But this week, the Near Earth Object Coordination Center (NEOCC) had its eyes fixed on something else: two Mars-bound spacecraft attempting to escape Earth’s gravity well. And they did a bang-up job capturing the event in real-time.

ExoMars — a joint European and Russian mission that will search for signs of life on the Red Planet — blasted off Earth aboard a Russian Proton rocket earlier this week. Because of the complex series of engine burns and orbital manoeuvres needed to propel the spacecraft out of Earth’s orbit, it was twelve anxiety-inducing hours before the European Space Agency could declare the launch a success. But that long window gave the NEOCC a rare observing opportunity.

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    Australia - where you're not allowed to do anything. I'm looking forward to the ban on toothpicks next - in case someone accidentally jabs on into their gum.... Nanny State

      So you never even researched *why* they got banned I'm guessing but instead jump the gun and claim nanny state. Fires started from cheap dodgy batteries, cheap dodgy connections, we're not even talking the minority of them either, it's turned into a common issue with them due to low quality parts being used.

      But hey, let's just say "sure go ahead, buy it for your family and kids, fuck it if there's a fire that wipes out your entire family in the night, glad you got a hoverboard!"

      This is one of those times the Government absolutely got it *right*. At the current time the product is too risky, there's an influx of dodgy ones causing issues and that needs to be stemmed before it can be marketed again, lest people actually, you know, *die*.

      Last edited 21/03/16 9:17 am

      Assuming you are the type of person who just types before they read an article or before anyone can say a word, you object.

    "hoverboards", were being sold at the Easter show on 20-03-16

    I stil don't understand why they had to be banned. Just because cheap and dodgy versions were imported shouldn't mean that the underlying product should be banned as well. It's the same as banning all bicycles because people were importing dodgy ones that fell apart etc...

    Probably got banned for false advertising as none of them actually hover.

    poor hoverboards. Overpriced, un-tested safety hazards.
    How are these fads supposed to get a chance?

    Hey GM, the article about the Hover board ban has a broken or mistyped URL

      Whoops! Thanks dude, fixed it up. I wrote this on my phone early this morning and copying URLs is a pain :)

    I guess we are coming to the end of the interim ban now..
    read this:

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