ABC iview Is Finally On Apple TV

Following a cracking January where the service received a record 50 million plays, ABC's iview team has announced its availability on Apple TV -- along with a revamp of its features.

Image: Supplied/ABC

iview has designed a new interface specifically for its launch on Apple TV, which ABC says "makes program discovery easy". It also includes a "continue watching" option on the home screen so you can pick up where you left off.

ABC Head of TV Strategy and Digital Products, Rebecca Heap, says "we've had strong audience demand for iview on the new Apple TV and have built an experience that makes it easier than ever to explore and watch the ABC's distinct and diverse Australian stories on your TV."

One of the highlights for exclusive programming on iview in 2016 include the second season of The Katering Show, who brought us the best review of a Thermomix you'll ever see.



    Awesome, Now all it need is 9 NOW to have all the free to air channels.
    Anyone know when 9 might have their app out?

    I wonder whether their AppleTV offering will be as useless as iView on Chromecast.

    I clicked "report a bug" in the app about six months ago and got a reply saying "yeah, we're aware of that". Still hasn't been addressed, though.

      Is it the error that stream to the Chromecast doesn't work? Does it buffer a whole heap? I have tried it on a cable connection and it does the same. Been around for a year. I have gone to an app in Kodi which works better.

      I guess they at least have one. What I would pay for a SBS (Movies and Fargo) and Ten (XFiles, Good Wife).

    Now that both SBS and ABC have apps on the Apple TV, it's time to detune the TV and pack away the antenna cable. We're done with DVB-T.

      But what resolution do the apps give? Is iView still something like 640*480? (Not to take away from the greatness of iView being on the ATV ... but it's an important detail before shelling out for the new ATV.)

    What about Android TV dear ABC? There are a few of us who use that crap...

    And still they don't have so much as a single app for any Microsoft platform. Not one. This would be their 30th app for iOS, yet they have only nine for Android, despite it being the dominant mobile platform. Seems to be more than just a little biased, doesn't it?

      Xbox One is no longer a Microsoft product? iView has been available on that platform for awhile now.

      Well surface users can open edge and pin the link to the start menu. No?

      Well thats because Microsoft came very late to the party. Apple for all the critcisim's have built the most reliable platform. Android on the other hand, have not. It is only a dominant platform because there are millions of cheap handsets that run it. In the smartphone market Apple dominates at nearly %40 of the US market. In this country is %25 with samsung the closest competitor. Samsung have done well because there implementation of Android is quite stable and the phone can run a multitude of variants if you want it.

    Is this for the ATV4 only? I only have Channel Tens catch-up on my ATV3.

    ABC, how about getting Chromecast right before adding to your product "range". Shameful that our national broadcaster can't get that right.

    Glad to see this on Apple TV, however since it's only catch-up, I'd must rather it being Live streaming instead.

    Which model(s) of Apple TV does iView support? Is it only the latest 4th generation models or is the iView app also available on the previous 3rd gen ATV? (Which is still supported by Apple.)

    Dominant, are you kidding me? Clearly ABC have chosen iOS for a reason.

    I can only get Channel 10 catch up. So how can I access iview?

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