ABC And Screen NSW Announce Virtual Reality Project

ABC and Screen NSW have announced a partnership for Australia’s first ever Virtual Reality development initiative, 360 Vision.

The aim of 360 Vision create an opportunity for leading Australian producers, directors and writers across all genres — including drama, factual, children’s and entertainment — to move into "more immersive" storytelling experiences.

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360 Vision will begin with an intensive one-day invitation-only lab at Carriageworks, the venue partner, to be held during Vivid Sydney in June. The lab will bring together screen content creators to experience the latest Virtual Reality content and technology. There will be panel discussions, screenings and networking opportunities with leading Virtual Reality storytellers and technical experts from around the world.

Presenting at the lab and participating in the initiative as a mentor, is Australia’s Lynette Wallworth, the first artist ever selected for the Sundance Institute New Frontier/Jaunt VR Residency Program. Ms Wallworth’s groundbreaking project Collisions, supported by the Adelaide Film Festival, premiered in January at the World Economic Forum, Davos, and at the Sundance Film Festival.

Following the lab, submissions will be sought for Virtual Reality content across all genres, with up to six projects for further development.

Richard Finlayson, ABC Director of Television, said "ABC has a proud tradition of innovation in both content and platforms. This is a pioneering opportunity, in partnership with Screen NSW, to create a pathway for Australia’s most innovative screen content creators to move into the new frontier of Virtual Reality."

"Virtual Reality is a space in which the world’s biggest technology and entertainment companies are starting to seriously play. The time feels right for Australian producers, writers and directors of screen content to come together with technical experts from the VR world to explore the possibilities of 360 degree storytelling for Australian audiences," said Courtney Gibson, Chief Executive of Screen NSW.

Screen NSW is developing its own Virtual Reality platform for iOS, Android, Gear VR and the web and this will be powered by Triggar VR.

Triggar has developed Virtual Reality apps for clients including Airbus and the United Nations and is working closely with Google now.



    Having worked for one of the biggest VR company's back in 1995 it is interesting to see this technology resurface. That said it remains to be seen if VR is just another fad such as 3D TV or if it is here to stay. VR 1.0 in my opinion failed for two reasons. Firstly there was a lack of compelling content. Secondly people found headset type VR experiences to isolating. Even in networked games people seem to prefer the classic mode of sitting in front of a screen.

    They seem to have gotten the price right this time around but I can't seem the issue of fatigue has been addressed properly.

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