A Ultra HD 4K 'PlayStation 4.5' With VR-Focus Is Apparently Being Developed

Sony is reportedly working on a version of its PS4 games console– but it isn’t the PS5. According to our mates over at Kotaku UK, an in-development console currently known as the PlayStation 4.5 could be set to follow the PS4 — or potentially even augment it in the form of an upgradeable component. It’s said to offer 4K gaming capabilities, increased graphical power, and plenty more.

The current standard for console games is 1080p, so 4K would represent a huge step in the right direction for anyone questioning that flashy TV purchase. While the PS4 plays nice with 4K photos and videos, it can’t do the same for 4K games.

There are also suggestions that the PS4.5 would squeeze in a load of extra processing power, which would translate to a souped-up PlayStation VR experience – potentially bringing it in line with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift's abilities. The PlayStation headset went up for pre-order earlier this week, selling out on Amazon UK in about 10 minutes, so there's plenty of interest there. It will hit the shelves in October.

As for the PS4.5, there's no word yet on release, with Kotaku's sources calling it an "exploratory" device at this stage. That points towards a release next year rather than in 2016. Just in time to take on Microsoft's upgradeable Xbox push, and whatever the Nintendo NX ends up being, then. [Kotaku UK]

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.

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    I dunno, I don't think this is the right kinda move for consoles.
    The major reason people buy a console over a PC is because you just have to buy it once and then you can play any game released for it. No hassle, no upgrade cycle. Just buy once and away you go. And devs can optimise better cause there is only one model that everyone has.

    This is pretty much the opposite of what consoles are all about and I doubt it will please many.

      Never bothered me with the N64, I do see what you mean though.

    "While the PS4 plays nice with 4K photos and videos.."

    Wait what?? Since when? Did I miss something?

    Given that a $3000 PC in Australia is going to struggle with 4K gaming, even at 30fps - I think it's wishful thinking that there's going to be a $500 Playstation that will deliver the same performance...

      ^ agree with @ippy, unless Sony knows something that we don't. Even with fully optimised hardware and software, I am not sure how they can make smooth 4k Gaming....

      If they can, this will be their selling point.

        Mate, i've got an almost $7k pc and it can't do smooth 4k gaming in most modern games. I can't see any way that a console could do it.

    Course they are. Sony are all about it.
    They'll kill it when it happens too.

    Last edited 21/03/16 8:24 pm

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