A 228 Metre Long Marble Run Made From Sand Is More Exciting Than Formula 1

A 228.60m Long Marble Run Made From Sand Is More Exciting than Formula 1

Video: Jelle Bakker, who has a fondness for complex marble runs, made this epic 228m long sand track that descends some 38m from its start to its finish. The 12 marbles competing in this video take almost four-and-a-half minutes to complete the run, and you'll be surprised to find yourself rooting for your favourite.

Are there organised marble racing leagues out there we don't know about? If so, sign us up, because we've got a Cats Eye that we're certain has what it takes to be a champ.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]>


    aw man, i should have gone with my gut for red, but i picked light blue in a panic at the beginning, not realising i was even going to get a choice.
    that transported me back to a time when i used to play with marbles all the time as a kid.

    I went for red (luckily before reading all the spoilers in the above comments!). Woot woot!!

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