10 Of The Best Plot Twists In Movie History

10 of the Best Plot Twists in Movie History

Video: Spoiler alert. Spoiler freaking alert. If you somehow managed to exist on this very Earth without knowing that there are twist endings in films such as Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, Fight Club and Planet of the Apes, um, now you know. Here is what CineFix considers 10 of the best twists in movie history. They do a good job in breaking down the type of twist and listing other films that have used the same trick. The list:

  • Location / Time Trick - Planet of the Apes
  • All a Part of the Plan - The Sting
  • Unexpectedly Bad / Guilty - Murder on the Orient Express
  • Unexpectedly Good - Charade
  • It Was All a Dream - Wizard of Oz
  • All In Their Head - Fight Club
  • Not Dead - The Third Man
  • Other - F for Fake
  • Mistaken Identity - Empire Strikes Back
  • X Is Actually Y! - Psycho

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