You Probably Shouldn't Weaponize A Nerf Blaster With Scalpel Blades Like This Guy Did

You Probably Shouldn't Weaponize a Nerf Blaster With Scalpel Blades Like This Guy Did

As much as we'd love for slingshot-designer Joerg Sprave to visit Australia on a publicity tour, it's creations like this -- a Nerf blaster made lethal using razor-sharp scalpel blades -- that will probably result in him being barred entry to the country.

In addition to his countless original creations, Joerg has a long track record of turning seemingly innocuous objects into frighteningly dangerous improvised weapons. And while out of the box this Nerf blaster is safe for kids, it doesn't take long for Sprave to turn it into something that even adults probably shouldn't be playing with.

Do we even have to say you probably shouldn't try this at home? It's not even something that should be attempted by a professional, only a mad scientist of slingshot engineering.




    Im not even sure you should be promoting it here

      I'm going to have to second that motion.

      Someone, or something, needs to put a stop in the extreme rate of evolution the human species is experiencing at the moment. The amount of stupidly dangerous and unnecessary crap that is out there beggars belief. There needs to be a global scale intervention, ASAP.

        Im Also going to back that, this should probably be taken down. Many younger people that use Nerf guns are always looking to upgrade it..... Shit sometimes im curious lol.

        I probably wouldn't promote it here anyway...

    "Lethal"? Dangerous certainly, but odds are the danger is of a needing a stitch, maybe eye surgery, not death.

    The creator of this invention, must be an American, since they enjoy promoting their arsenal of weapons and gun violence..... I am not a supporter of this.......

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    oh dear. fun police alert. I guess you guys would like to ban all computer games and movies too because they might encourage violence? Any sane person does not see a weapon and think..hey I'm gonna use that on a living thing. Don't cow tow to the lowest common denominator. Please don't make this a nanny state where no fun videos of wacky things to do can exist. I'm not saying legalise guns or anything like America. I'm just saying banning anything that might be a bit dangerous is going too far...

    Last edited 01/03/16 6:18 pm

      So you're playimg both sides on this topic...
      Not showing this article would be the "fun police" over reaching, but not having guns is a good idea.

      PS computer games are great, and not a weapon, so not on topic at all.

        saying legalising guns in Australia is bad but that having a video of a guy with weapons is ok is not playing both sides. It is merely stating one does not equal the other. Just because you view them as equivalent does not mean the rest of us should.

        P.S. Computer games depict weapons. The point was that the fun police (you) are suggesting banning things which depict weaponry and may cause dangerous behaviour. I'm sorry your brain can't let you understand basic concepts.

        Last edited 03/03/16 1:01 am

          A Nerf gun shooting blades doesnt depict weaponry, it is weaponry.

    Thank you Gizmodo for a fun video from a weapons professional.

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