You Can Help Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Snare An Oscar With This Game

Leonardo DiCaprio's endless pursuit of an Academy Award is a running joke that may soon come to an end, with him acting harder than he has ever acted before in his Oscar nominated role in The Revenant. I mean, if that bear scene doesn't do it, I don't know what will.

Until the awards are held, however, we can still have a bit of fun with his "always the bridesmaid, never the bride" status. Like with online arcade-style platformer, Leo's Red Carpet Rampage.

The game is a creation of The Line Animation studio in England, who are very clear to point out the satirical nature of the game, which it states is "in no way sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with any other body or celebrity figure."

I had a sneaky play at my desk (sshhh) and the game is actually pretty challenging. Controls are a simple enough "alternate the G and H keys" system to run, which gets quite tiring quite quickly and annoys your co-workers to no end if you're using a mechanical keyboard in the office. The space bar lets you jump.

While chasing down the elusive Oscar collect awards, dodge photographers, racing other nominees down the red carpet, avoiding Lady Gaga and icebergs and playing mini-games like "spot the black nominee" and "act harder".

Here was my score from my first try:

Pretty dismal effort, I know. I'll be heading back once my hand recovered from the RSI I've just inflicted on it.

You can give it a go yourself here. Let me know how you went! Did "Leo" get the Oscar?

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