We’re Marvelling At These Incredible Pictures Of The Night Skies

We’re Marvelling At These Incredible Pictures Of The Night Skies

Last week, we were blown away by a photograph from Mike Mezeul II depicting a storm over White Sands National Monument. We looked in a bit more on Mezeul’s portfolio and were amazed at what we saw.

Mezeul got his start as a photographer when he was fifteen: his father gave him a camera:

I started off by just shooting everything I could, but I didn’t have a car or a licence, so that usually consisted of lady bugs, flowers, and the stream across from my parents house…real manly stuff. As the years went by, I was able to get out and start travelling and shooting bigger and better things.

Bigger and better things included the night sky. Mezeul found himself drawn to taking pictures of the stars.

it’s absolutely amazing to escape the city lights and see the best show in the world…and it’s free. It’s pretty difficult these days to see the stars with so much light pollution from cities. I know many people don’t have and may never have, the ability to see the Milky Way or a meteor shower or the aurora borealis, so it’s my goal to be able to capture these moments so I may share them with as many people as possible.

Here’s a selection of his work:

You can check out more of his images over on his website. You can also check him out on Instagram and Facebook.

Image credits: Mike Mezeul II