We Wish These Fake Movie Posters Were For Real Movies

We Wish These Fake Movie Posters Were For Real Movies

Redditor Your_Post_As_A_Movie has been taking user posts and has been turning them into movie-style posters. There’s more than a couple that we wish were actually hitting theatres this year.

Here’s just a small selection of the images, and man, we’d love to see these coming to a theatre near us. What really gets me with some of these are the casts that they have put together, but also the taglines.

Before: Even Iceland have arches. Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland [1365×2048] (OC @IG/aka.guy) by guysensaid

After: Ascension. Find your way up. In cinemas this April.

Before: Thors Hammer Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA [8881 × 3337] by approachwithcautionp

After: Challenger. Our planet. Their war. In cinemas this April.

Before: USS Theodore Roosevelt cutting through a mercury sea. by Meunderwears

After: Mission Z. The dead inhabit the land. In cinemas this April.

Before: Nebulous Nightmares by wooly_mastodon

After: Solace. We hoped they would come in peace. In cinemas this April.

Before: The four protectors of Iceland. by ice91

After: The Protectors. Fight for those who can’t. This March.

Before: I raise your empty 787. Empty 777. by 3theotherguy3

After: Sole Journies. The mission was never over. Next Summer

Before: ITAP of friend with a flare in an abandoned subway by andhintphoto

After: Red Shift. We set them free. Your shift begins March.

Before: Winter in Norway by Jgb2

After: System Failure. Same murders. Different planet. In cinemas this March.

Before: I got my first passport stamp. It was Iceland. by guysensaid

After: Last Man Standing. It’s hard to say goodbye to home. In cinemas this March.

Before: Surreal Places in Germany by kuortos

After: Dying Light. Darkness will fall and the world will end. February.

Before: Started drawing during my boring 2 hour lecture on how to destroy the Death Star (OC) by SirJediPanda

After: How To Build Your Own Deathstar. Please don’t sue us. Construction begins January.

Before: The Towers of Greenland. Mountain peaks rising above their fjord with immense walls of solid granite. [1618×1080] Photo by Max Rive by DaHitcha

After: Dragon’s Lair. The spoils of war lie ahead. This January.

Before: Giraffes by dittidot

After: Ark. Another world awaits. The exodus begins July.

There’s many, many more over on their profile.

Image credits: Your_Post_As_A_Movie