We Need To Talk About That X-Files Finale

We Need to Talk About That X-Files Finale

Last night, the X-Files revival ended after six episodes that went by all too quickly, leaving us with fond memories of a certain Were-Monster and Mulder getting high as balls ... and some extremely confused and unresolved feelings, especially after that head-scratcher of a finale.

We need to talk, you guys, because WTF? Obviously, this is not a spoiler-free zone, so read no further if you haven't seen "My Struggle II." This is the end? Say it ain't so! WE HAVE SOME QUESTIONS! Share yours in the comments.


    In simplest terms it went from Zero to bat-shit crazy in all of 2 minutes. It was like they had a double episode script sitting there and they cut it down to a single episode. Totally disappointed.

      Thoroughly agree, I was very disappointed in the haphazard way they put this together, particularly the silly bloody throat ripping forest sprite/NZ tomfoolery, WTF was that all about? As for the final, it seems like they were simply setting up the two new protagonists to take the reigns in a dumbed down child friendly reboot that will be just too damned stupid for adults to watch.

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        I thought the funny lizard episode was great, easily the best of the season imo. The episode after was disappointing and haven't seen the finale yet.

          The lizard episode was funny, that's about it. The best of the season? lol worst X-Files episode EVER imo... and I'm sure other original series X-Files fans opinions. Sure it was funny but it would have been better suited to an ep of the twilight zone or amazing stories or something..

          The lizard episode was funny, that's about it. The best of the season? lol worst X-Files episode EVER imo... and I'm sure other original series X-Files fans opinions. Sure it was funny but it would have been better suited to an ep of the twilight zone or amazing stories or something..


        As a person who's never watched the X-Files before I was utterly disappointed by all the 2016 episodes, except the first one.

        They were to rushed & to concentrated on the agents to actually finish a story line.
        Especially with last weeks 'terrorist' episode, there was nothing resolved from the story line at all.
        Mulder took mushrooms, which took him to some awkward ridiculous hulocination which then was nothing more an apparent "placebo."
        Then oh look let's roll the credits with the agents in the snow.

        Finally in the last extremely rushed episode they go through the run down of three episodes out of six & then they cut it off the end when something might of actually happened.

        I really just wish they started the mini season with the first episode & carried the story line through to the sixth episode so it would have all concluded with an awesome suspense of finale (part 1) & would have been 100 times better then what they've just thrown at us.

        I understand that they showed the episodes a similar to the way it use to be, but it was a mini series to see if the X- Files would still be as big as it was.
        I think to be convulsive in their research they should have just run the show in a cronological way that it'd all tie together.

    WTF!! I watched a lot of the X-Files years ago and even though a few of the stories were quite lame, most of the episodes were at least watchable. Most of this series I've just wanted to throw something at the TV. The last episode at least started as something watchable, I thought "this is more like it". Then that ending: my first thought was "is this in two parts?". I think kikadik is right, they just set that ending up so the two new protagonists can take over.
    Obviously the new Fox and Mulder will spend the next few years trying to find out who it was that "took" the old Fox and Mulder away in that "spaceship".

    Unsurprisingly, after telling us that all our questions would be finally answered (as was said before the final of the original lot), nothing was actually answered...and was never going to be.

    To me, this clearly became a 'teaser'. Can The X-Files make a come back? It was one of Fox's most profitable and popular TV series ever, so why wouldn't they want to try an make more money.

    We have 2 new agents, who are basically Mulder and Scully clones, and they were in 2 episodes. To me, the waters were being tested for 'The X-Files: Generation X2"

      What the hell were they thinking, naming her Einstein too, this whole thing smacks of X-Files 2.0 for tweens.

    I felt cheated. It was my favourite show when I was a teen, but I stopped watching it in the end because it really had jumped the shark. This mini series was essentially the full series in miniature: Exciting at the start; hilarity in the middle (were lizard man was my favourite too) and then a thoroughly bizarre and unsatisfactory ending. But it was a nice walk down memory lane. Not sure if I'd be thrilled with a second mini series. Which is totally what the ending suggested.

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    After watching this series, I felt like I’d been served a tall glass of warm urine. What constituted this beverage? Puerile, “plot” explaining, first draft scripts that rambled about in late-stage dementia; acting more wooden than one even thought humanly possible (or was that the alien DNA taking over… ); Anderson’s expressionless, drum-tight face creaking out barely audible sentences through badly fitting dentures (seriously, is she ill, WTF has happened to her voice?); contrived new characters (Agent Einstein and that unhandsome Mulder Mark II) that smack of spin-off series try-outs; no plot, no ending; no point; hasn’t the Smoking Man heard of nicotine patches oh but Reyes will poke the ciggies into the throat hole…. lord, it was bad. Worse than bad, it disrespected everything that made the X-Files great. The only saving grace for me was to see that at least Duchovny is still a charismatic guy who even though often a bit wooden, is still warm and genuine on screen, despite all that Californication excrement he’s been rolling about in. The last episode had us yelling at the TV as Scully skipped about with her drip baggy in hand, constantly promising to cure everybody whilst taking lots of time out to explain the unexplainable to anyone she bumped into on her way to curing everybody….. and then the end: WTF? Did it end? What? How and why? What? Um – rewind recording… Scully promising cure… spaceship comes down… light beams down…. yep, that’s where it stopped. Ended? Um. What? I mean, really, what?!

      This is a good summary. Saved me the trouble.
      I also want to point out how much "Team USA" there was in the terrorist episode. Cant believe they made that.

      I agree. I had it recorded on my PVR (watched it 29/02/16) and thought channel 10 screwed up the broadcast and missed the last bit so I quickly loaded it up on catch up TV but no, spaceship comes down… light beams down…. Zoom in on Scully's eye *BOOM* yep, that’s where it stopped, just as you said. No nothing,, no credits, no kiss my ass....... ARE YOU FREAKIN' SERIOUS!! I Feel cheated.... I have more questions than ever now! Grrrrrrrr.

    I though the 2 new agents it´s more like a think to "compare" how they were at the beginning, the first season, and what they came to. It´s even possible they actually doesn´t exist at all...

    and for sure, isn´t a proper end...

    One word: Denouement. Google it, if like me, you'd never heard of it before. This episode had NO denoument at all!!! What a piss-poor effort for us loyal fans! And the episode with Rhys Darby... it was a joke! A joke all the way through!! Not like ANY typical X-Files episode! I couldn't take it seriously, after seeing him on Flight of the Conchords for heaps of episodes, then recently, on some Sydney (at least) TV ads for Crazy Domains around mid 2015. It just didn't sound serious. Especially with that COMICAL accent and tone of voice. Especially when he broke the fourth wall 2 or 3 times!!

    Reluctantly, I must say, I guess it was a refreshing episode...

    Here, have a laugh: I just lit a candle and settled onto my couch for an hour of X Files escape. I didn't know it was already over. I was hoping the new, younger Fox & Scully were temporary and I seriously thought there were a few more shows in the can. Although the resurrection was lacking something, I still enjoyed the dialogue and the creative story lines. For me, even a mediocre X Files is better than anything else on the telly. Oh well, it was a nice few weeks.

    Well I thought the season was brilliant - another mini season me thinks, or 4-5 2hr length episodes. Lizard episode was top 5 ever, and the remainder all classic x-files eps

    The whole series was a total mess. Really bad writing all the way thru out. Between acid trips, lizard boys and a junior miss Scully introduced, this series should be put out of it's misery.

    I sat in front of the TV yesterday to catch the next episode and WFT! That's it? This is an absolute joke and a complete fail in my opinion. Now knowing there are only 6 episodes, why would the director insist on creating episodes which are completely off topic and don't answer the question we all want answered? In my opinion episodes 1 to 4 should have been an expanded version of episode 1 and episode 6, leaving two episodes to show the end of the world as we know it. That would have been a great ending to "The truth is out there".

    After mourning the demise of the series some 16 years ago I was ecstatic at the promise of another 'hit'. Like a wannabe reformed smoker I eagerly anticipated the calming, almost narcotic affect of the theme music and the reassurance that the truth is indeed "Out There". An hour later I sat there confused, like I'd just had the ,"It's not you, it's me" chat waiting for the impending break up bombshell. WTF just happened? Where's the water tight plot, where's the sense of yearning for more? Had another look, nope still not there. Episode 1 started out so well, ET storyline, unexplained stuff, baby gone, awesome stuff! And then last scene, a vaguely familiar triangular craft appears above host Mummy’s pre 1980 car with Phasers set to Bar-B-Que and turns her into ash. Really? 208 episodes to get it right and the ending of encore episode 1 is given to the work experience kid to write. F*** OFF! So I console myself with the hope that the remaining 5 episodes will restore my faith………….sigh, it’s not to be. Deformed kids, shape changing Geckos, modelling clay vigilantes and Terrorists being pursued by a line dancing, mushroom packing (or placebo) affected Mulder were all that awaited me. The final episode will make it right, after all, the trailer showed Scully, Mulder and a whole bunch of people looking up at a UFO, yeah now you’re talking.

    Look familiar?

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