Watching This Australian Machinist Make An Entire Clock From Scratch Is So Soothing

Watching a Machinist Make an Entire Clock From Scratch Is So Soothing

Video: A velvet-voiced Australian craftsman named Chris is the Bob Ross of clock-making. He shows you how to make a skeleton clock from scratch at home on his YouTube channel, Clickspring. In this instalment of a multi-part series, bask in the close-ups of brass melting away like golden velvet to make shiny washers and screws. They will eventually go into making a beautifully elaborate timepiece. The finished product will be as pretty as Big Ben, if these teeny, tiny, glittering components are any indication.

[Boing Boing]


    old school tech is every bit as cool as the latest gadget

    I've been watching Clickspring for a long time now. Very entertaining and educational.

    Clickspring is awesome. Chris' videos are always informative and entertaining, and there's something immensely soothing in watching his work take shape. I've lost count of the number of times I've watched some of his videos. Among the absolute cream of the tool-porn videos on YouTube.

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