Watch Dallas Buyers Club For Free Today, Legally

Yesterday, lawyers acting for the rightsholders to Dallas Buyers Club dropped their case against iiNet, giving up on petitioning for the user details of 4726 alleged pirates. We've had a few tweets and comments from people saying they would download Dallas Buyers Club in celebration of the verdict, and we think that's just rude. Instead, how about you watch it for free legally?

SBS On Demand has the multi-Oscar-winning film up on its (excellent) streaming service right now, and it'll stay live for viewing for the next 25 days. It's a good film, too -- you should watch it. Sure, there are a couple of ads, but that's how you support content creators if you're not paying for a movie ticket or buying the DVD.

It's also on Stan and Netflix, if you already have a subscription. [SBS On Demand]


    i was considering not watching it ever. think ill do that.

      I tired to watch it on Netflix, could not bear to continue. Movie too slow and becomes confusing mid-way. Very vulgar also, I only tried to watch it cz of the hype but it not i would not have clicked on it.

      Stan is much better though and getting better every day, so many movies worth watching, unlike Netflush bumping their own 50c productions.

      There is another legal way to watch everything, which I found while trying to watch Suits Season 5 Episode 12 and tonight we can watch Ep 13: just google "watch suits season 5 episode 12 online" you will get many results. They are online streaming so you won;t download anything, and there are no commercials as well (i'm not against commercials just worth mentioning cz it's strange to watch free content online without commecials). there are ads on t he screen but guess what: if you maximize the video player to full screens there won't be any ads. In case you stumble on a couple of sites that want you to just give them your credit card number but they won't charge you, don't ever do that no matter what: 1) they Will charge you and 2) you're on the wrong site, the ones I found were just free pure and simple; i might have had to login using fb or register via email (even without a verification link) can't remember been so long ago (last week :))

        By streaming it you're still technically downloading it to your computer, you're just not storing it on your computer. Although, if you get a good lawyer they could argue that the cache used by the stream player could be considered storing it. Very far from legal, just easy.

          I don't agree or disagree, that what you said hit the roof of my understanding, but at the bottom of the page in this link there is another opinion:

          If it is illegal then I think the government should do something, not everyone is a whiz!

        Netflush has recently committed to increased funding for their own productions. So there should be at least 75c available now.

      Applaud your moral stance. IMHO I just found it tedious and could not finish it.

      I agree with you @oblchrinobe and it's all because of their approach to the piracy problem.

      The flip side is, because of how they have gone out of their way to protect their customer rights above and beyond what I would have expected from a large Australian ISP (I'm looking at you Telstra and Optus), I've changed my ISP to iiNet. And I've been super happy about it since I did.

      This. I will never watch this movie. I have no problem with copyright holders protecting their content/rights (although i encourage them to move forward from their 18th century business models sooner rather than later) but the way in which these scumbags did so pisses me off.

      Rather than looking to recover lost revenue they were looking at it as an opportunity to make more money.

      That's like if you run into my car and the repair costs are $1000 but I go after you for $100,000 because of "reasons"....

      I already didn't watch it ages ago

        Haha me too. I actually recorded it off the tv and never watched it

          @Commentarista Your PVR must feel dirty having that on it

      Good call, I've decided on the same actions myself. I think it's the best form of "stick it to them".. don't watch their movies, don't buy their movies, don't pirate their movies and don't talk about them.

      I understand that pirating costs them a sale or two, but that doesn't mean it's open season to charge people thousands/millions of dollars for one download of a film.

    Would be the perfect day to show it on tele :)

      It was on SBS on Tuesday night, which is why it's on SBS' catch up service.

        Yeah, sort of figured that. Would have been funny if they'd shown it today instead of Tuesday is all :) Still, timing is close enough that it still works.

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