Watch Dallas Buyers Club For Free Today, Legally

Yesterday, lawyers acting for the rightsholders to Dallas Buyers Club dropped their case against iiNet, giving up on petitioning for the user details of 4726 alleged pirates. We've had a few tweets and comments from people saying they would download Dallas Buyers Club in celebration of the verdict, and we think that's just rude. Instead, how about you watch it for free legally?

SBS On Demand has the multi-Oscar-winning film up on its (excellent) streaming service right now, and it'll stay live for viewing for the next 25 days. It's a good film, too — you should watch it. Sure, there are a couple of ads, but that's how you support content creators if you're not paying for a movie ticket or buying the DVD.

It's also on Stan and Netflix, if you already have a subscription. [SBS On Demand]

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