Watch A Surfer Survive A Wild Wipeout Off A 12-Metre Wave

Watch a Surfer Survive a Crazy Wipeout Off a 12m Wave

Video: This wipeout is totally wild and not unlike jumping out of the 4th floor of a building. The waves were that high (thank you El Nino) and the sea monster that is the ocean looked like it was blowing itself up and whipping surfer Tom Dosland as he barrelled around. The drop must have been so beautiful, like a brief moment of peace before the chaos that is wiping out.

And another angle:


    crap had that happen to me with a 12 ft wave and i was KO for 3 days. guy is lucky to be alive

    Impressive but for me the real hero in the teenager (in the 60s, I think) that used to paddle for 2 hours out to monstrous waves at Mavericks off the coast of California and surf them without a leg rope or anyone backing up.

      I believe you'll be referring to Jeff Clark at age 17 back in the mid 70's.

    Kinda behind the times on this one? I think I saw this popping up last week on social media.

    And why are we thanking El Nino? This was at Jaws, which has been epic long before El Nino became the buzz word it is these days.

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