Watch A Robot Golfer Sink A Hole-in-One Just Like Tiger Woods

Watch a Robot Golfer Sink a Hole-in-One Just Like Tiger Woods

A robot just pulled off the best possible move in the game of golf. In the opening round of this year's Waste Management Phoenix Open, LDRIC the Golf Robot sank a hole-in-one on the par-3 sixteenth hole. Tiger Woods did the same thing on the same hole back in 1997, which helped launch his superstar status — and also triggered the current tradition of flinging beer cans and bottles onto the green whenever someone makes that perfect shot.

Golf Digest describes LDRIC the bot as "the go-to device for equipment and ball-testing in the golf industry" and the sixteenth hole at the TPC Scottsdale course as "one of the most exciting holes in golf". Being a robot, its swing is fluid and precise, but apparently it can also mimic hooks and slices that the less-skilled golfer might have, presumably to test clubs and balls that a variety of players would use.

Yes, LDRIC is a nod to Woods' real first name. And yes, the green was again showered in booze.

[PGA via Golf Digest]

GIF via PGA Tour YouTube

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