Warner Bros. Is Sticking With Zack Snyder For Justice League No Matter What

Warner Bros. Is Sticking With Zack Snyder for Justice League No Matter What

Warner Bros. has announced that Zack Snyder's two-part Justice League film will start shooting on April 11. That's mere days after the opening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice -- and the news comes after several weeks of speculation and uproar overs rumours that the studio was worried about Snyder's Batman v Superman. Setting a start date so soon after the release of that film may not guarantee its quality, but it absolutely shows the studio's confidence that it's going to be a success. It also suggests that Snyder is the man Warner Bros. wants to continue to drive the train.

Entertainment Weekly, a publication formerly owned by Warner Bros.' parent company Time Warner, broke the news so it's as official as it gets. Filming will take place at "Warner Bros. Leavesden studios in southeast England, as well as various locations around London and in Iceland" for its eventual release on 16 November 2017.

[Entertainment Weekly]


    God, I hate Zack Snider. I've only enjoyed one of his film, which came out almost 12 years ago, but everything else is not that great in my opinion. I'll still go and see the film, because I love both Batman and Superman, but I feel like I won't really enjoy it that much. Other people like his work though, so more power to you, I guess. I just don't understand the appeal.

    You know, I'm a DC man by preference. I've never really got into the Marvel universe much. I love the MCU movies as well as the X-Men films (...well... except for X3 and XO: Wolverine), but I don't have any real drive to read the comics. With that in mind, I should be really excited at the prospect of a DC film universe, but these movies just fill me with a sense of dread. I absolutely loath Man of Steel and the trailers for Dawn of Justice would suggest that Snyder hasn't learned anything from it. This new movie looks just as grim, gritty and desaturated as its predecessor. I'm prepared to give credit where it's due, and if BvS ends up being great then I'll happily sing its praises, but something tells me that won't happen.

      It's not only Snyder that hasn't "learned" anything either...

    Bring it on, maybe..I don't know why, but I thoroughly enjoyed the modern spin to Superman. Maybe it was Henry Cavill. I don't know. However I do know I enjoyed it. My only negative was how rushed & bipolar it seemed (incredible action then incredibly slow etc).

      I really liked the first half of the film. And I thought Cavill was fantastic. So hunky.

      I liked MoS too. It was about time they actually had a Superman movie where we got to see him really using his powers.

      I had two gripes with the movie though; Jonathan Kent's death by tornado and Clark trashing the logging truck out of spite. They really missed a huge point on Jonathan's death, they could have had him die of a heart attack and used it as a way to reinforce that despite all Supe's power he was not God and couldn't save everyone. Instead he could have saved Jonathan but was basically told not to. UGH!

      As for the truck, he's basically destroyed a man's career (and committed a major felony) just because the guy was a bit of an ass? That's so far out of character it's just not funny. The filmmakers played it for laughs without thinking of what it meant in terms of character.

      As for BvS:DoJ... I'm hoping it turns out great but based on the trailers I'm not holding my breath. Too much jammed in there, plus the cliched "misunderstanding between two heroes" plus more screwing with the comic mythology (Doomsday is Zod or a Zod clone?)

      I'm disappointed that Snyder is doing JL. It seems as though he can only deal with dark gritty (depressing) characters when some of them really should be the exact opposite. Superman = the ultimate boy scout, nice guy hero, not just batman in red * blue :(

        Well... there's always Flash and Green Arrow for the lighter side!

          I haven't seen any of the new Flash series so I can't comment on it. The couple episodes of GA I've seen have been dark and depressing too. What happened to the wise cracking Ollie Queen? :(

            Ohhhh, the TV series... well. Flash is fortunately pretty light. Arrow, though... yeah. Ollie took a dark turn.

    I actually thought Jonathan's death was really good. He ate his humble pie all the way to the grave. That has to of had a huge impact in Supermans development.

    Yes the truck was interesting. Maybe if superman was younger and more hormonal, it would have sat better with me.

    Too much being jammed into BvS is certainly reason for pause. The trailers look like it may very well be exactly as feared.

    Yes the nice guy character of superman has certainly been modernised. Which is in part what I enjoy. It's a little more realistic in my opinion. I hate people though, so I'm a little biased.

    Last edited 25/02/16 5:10 pm

      Jonathan's death to me was suicide by tornado. Incredibly disappointing. I know they were trying to make it meaningful, but it really didn't feel like that to me.

      I absolutely agree about the truck, if he was 14 year old Clark then yes I could understand it, but 20 something Clark? No way. If he did that, then Jonathan and Martha obviously taught him nothing.

      I don't think modernising Superman a bit is necessarily a bad thing, but I hate that modernisation seems to equal "dark and gritty" in Hollywood minds. I loved the fact that there were always two sides to the superhero comics, Marvel had Xmen (etc) who were the grim vigilante types and Avengers/Fantastic Four who were full of light and hope. There was contrast between them. Same with DC Batman obviously being gritty and Supes being hopeful. Now there is no contrast between the DC characters and that's disappointing.

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