Vodafone's Newest Mobile Partner Is Qantas

Qantas is the latest name in a high-profile string of brands that Vodafone is using to further increase the appeal of its post-paid mobile plans. If you sign up to a new 'Qantas Red' plan on a 24-month contract, you'll score yourself a bunch of Qantas points -- and have access to Vodafone's excellent $5 daily flat-rate international roaming.

The new plans start at $45 per month for a SIM only deal with 6GB of data on Vodafone's 4G sand 3G networks, and all will net you a cache of Qantas points -- doubled for signing up to the plan online.

That basic $45 plan is worth 4000 Qantas points, which you'll get at the start of your contract -- although you won't be able to break your 24-month plan without cancellation fees, so there's no way to pick up those points for free and then switch to another carrier. It seems a no-brainer to sign up online and double your Qantas points haul.

Stepping up to a $60 plan with 10GB of data nets you 5000 points, and $85 with 15GB data is worth 7500 points. Beyond that Vodafone is also offering the Qantas Red plans with bundled mobile phones, which have their own repayments. $80 per month, for example, will get you 6GB of data and those 4000 points plus a new iPhone or Android phone.

The Qantas partnership is a good opportunity for Vodafone to talk up its international roaming deal, which is the best of Australia's big four carriers. For a flat $5 rate per day, Vodafone customers can use their existing Aussie mobile data allotments, calls and texts in almost 50 countries across Asia, Europe and the US.



    The critical issue with roaming is the quality of Vodafone's roaming partners. I travel extensively and have found Vodafone's roaming partner coverage to be poor. I have also used Optus on these same trips, I have a much better experience with their roaming partners. $10/day for something that works vs $5/day for something that doesn't.

      I've found you can roam onto any of the available networks whilst travelling, the roaming isn't limited to one network. If it's not automatic you can manually change it.

        True, if you have the time and inclination to continually search. I prefer when things 'just work'

      Clarity please, cool which country?
      Heading OS Later this year.

        China, Japan, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Thailand, Indonesia & Malaysia.

      Disagree. Particularly in Asia and Europe vodafones roaming partners are far superior than Optus given their partnership with whampoma (spelling) who own sone of the largest networks in Asia and of course Vodafone Plc in Europe offers some of the best coverage. In the us Voda uses atandt which is not awesome but it's better than sprint who Optus use.

      Optus probably wins in Singapore because of Singtel but that's one country out of 50 so overall Vodafone is far better that $10 a day on Optus plus on Vodafone don't use don't pay. On Optus going away for 5 days pay for 5 days.

      Last edited 03/02/16 12:28 am

        Yes, the Vodafone brand presence gives a wonderfully robust perceived coverage doesn't it. To be honest, all UK carriers are rubbish, but Hong Kong is actually the most frustrating place to roam as a Vodafone user with loads of drop outs and network congestion.

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