Vodafone’s Newest Mobile Partner Is Qantas

Vodafone’s Newest Mobile Partner Is Qantas

Qantas is the latest name in a high-profile string of brands that Vodafone is using to further increase the appeal of its post-paid mobile plans. If you sign up to a new ‘Qantas Red’ plan on a 24-month contract, you’ll score yourself a bunch of Qantas points — and have access to Vodafone’s excellent $5 daily flat-rate international roaming.

The new plans start at $45 per month for a SIM only deal with 6GB of data on Vodafone’s 4G sand 3G networks, and all will net you a cache of Qantas points — doubled for signing up to the plan online.

That basic $45 plan is worth 4000 Qantas points, which you’ll get at the start of your contract — although you won’t be able to break your 24-month plan without cancellation fees, so there’s no way to pick up those points for free and then switch to another carrier. It seems a no-brainer to sign up online and double your Qantas points haul.

Stepping up to a $60 plan with 10GB of data nets you 5000 points, and $85 with 15GB data is worth 7500 points. Beyond that Vodafone is also offering the Qantas Red plans with bundled mobile phones, which have their own repayments. $80 per month, for example, will get you 6GB of data and those 4000 points plus a new iPhone or Android phone.

The Qantas partnership is a good opportunity for Vodafone to talk up its international roaming deal, which is the best of Australia’s big four carriers. For a flat $5 rate per day, Vodafone customers can use their existing Aussie mobile data allotments, calls and texts in almost 50 countries across Asia, Europe and the US.