Virgin Will Give You 12GB Of Data For $50 A Month

The race for your mobile data dollars is hotting up. If you don't mind the Optus network that it's hosted on, Virgin Mobile will give new and upgrading customers a total of 12GB of 4G-friendly data per month for $50, with no fine print or finicky eligibility periods.

As long as you're not already on Optus — sorry, guys — you can access Virgin's 8GB of bonus data on its usual 4GB $50 per month plan from today until the end of March. You have to bring your own unlocked phone from another network, or be upgrading your existing Virgin plan. As well as that big lump of data — enough for 400MB per day — you also get unlimited national calls and text and MMS, plus there's also a $300 allowance for international calls or messages and free voicemail access.

If $50 is too much, Virgin also has 6GB total data for $40 a month and 1.1GB for $30. [Virgin Mobile]


    So if im already on Amaysim and want to switch to the above mentioned then i wont get the bonus 8gb?

    could you just plug this sim into a wireless modem. and use the data only?
    or do I have to have a phone?
    as I cant even get adsl1 at my house and telstra is killing me at 120 bucks a week on data

      yes, you would have to put in the right APN settings though

    Hmm... Only a couple of days ago they ended an offer where their $60 plan had $20 off, plus data bonuses, with the net effect being $40 for 10 Gb. Which is plenty for me :)

    Good to see these offers though, but I for one would like to be able to divert some of my home data bandwidth to my mobile instead. Would encourage people to convert to their service for starters, where they can then value add in other ways.

    no fine print or finicky eligibility periods
    As long as you’re not already on Optus
    For a minute there I thought there was an Australian telco that was keen to do the right thing for their customers. Alas. And they've kept the meaningless number of $ "allowance" so no change there either.
    C'mon guys - offer the same deals to everyone, regardless. And scrap the Mickey Mouse $ "value" crap - make it straightforward and easily comparable between networks.

      Dollar value caps still make sense for international call allowances (as is the case here) because it's a lot cheaper for telco's to provide calls to some countries (China) than others (East Timor).
      Most providers have already switched to unlimited national calls and sms - very easy to compare when data is the only difference.

    I really wanted to stay on Virgin, but the Optus network coverage in my area just isn't good enough. I grabbed a pre-paid Telstra SIM before deciding to switch, and haven't looked back. Got 7 gig a month for $40 on Telstra. Not as much data, but data is no good if you can't get reception.

    I got the last Virgin 'switch' deal ($40 for 10gb) despite being on Amaysim (which is part of the Optus network). Just make sure you go through their online chat - they'll make an exception for you if you ask. Took 10-15 mins max and very easy.

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