Valentine's Day Gifts For The Geeky Lady In Your Life

Chocolate and flowers are classic Valentines gifts, but sometimes you just need to go the extra mile to impress that special person in your life. If you're lucky enough to have a lady friend who is more on the geeky side of normal and you want to prove you love her more than the power of a thousand exploding Starkiller Bases, look no further than our Valentine's Day gift guide.

All prices have been converted to AUD for you, but shipping isn’t included. Make sure you check out the rates before you commit to buy anything, as well as checking that the store will ship to you in time for the special day.

"I Love You, I Know" Necklace, $58.15

While The Force Awakens has proved that Leia and Han's relationship might not have ended in the best way, their turbulent romance in the original trilogy is still one of the most enduring love stories in the history of geekdom. Give a little thought to which section of this two-part necklace you're going to give her, however. As you're the one doing the gifting, I'd suggest relinquishing the "I Know."

Direwolf Plush, $30

We all wanted our own direwolves when we binge-watched the very first season of Game Of Thrones, and with the sixth season on the horizon, nothing has really changed. Luckily, you can get an adorable, pup-sized direwolf as the perfect pre-season-six Valentine's Day gift.

You have your choice of Grey Wind, Summer, Nymeria, Lady or Shaggydog. Popcultcha also stocks a Ghost, but it's a different style of plush (and a little more exxy) than the rest of them.

Superhero Pez Dispensers, $4.99

Exchanging sweets is a time-honoured tradition on Valentine's Day, but instead of settling for those tasteless message hearts, go for PEZ. Everyone loves PEZ. Especially when you can eat it from Batman's head.

If that's her thing then go for the DC collection above, though Marvel hasn't been left out either, and of course there's always the ever-present Star Wars set.

Harry Potter House Corsets, $392

Getting your significant other lingerie as a present can often backfire, unless you're buying her a Castle Corsets Wizarding House corset. These gorgeous corsets are sewn in the house colours of your choice (make sure you know beforehand whether she's a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or a Slytherin) with the house patch on the hip.

Finding the right size to buy might take a little sleuthing, but as a rough guide corsets should be two inches less than their wearer's waist circumference (eg, a 24 inch corset for a 26 inch waistline).

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick, $42.70

How better to set the mood than by having a romantic candlelit dinner by the light of a lightsaber that was once used to kill a room full of younglings in the Jedi temple?

Just remember to blow out the candle and let the wax cool before you get carried away and have a post-dessert candle-lightsaber duel with the love of your life.

Living Dead Constellation Pocket Skater, $85

This skater dress is great for the space nerds out there, especially those who like to keep their power level hidden. This constellation pattern makes for a gorgeous printed dress, plus it has POCKETS!

If you've never had to wear women's clothing at any point in your life, you only need to understand that having pockets in dresses is a big deal. This pocketed dress will be an instant favourite, guaranteed.

KittyHawk Clothing Gym Leader Jerseys, $80-$95

With Pokemon Go set to release this year, everyone is going to want to be a Pokemon trainer. You can go one more for your partner -- with one of these printed jerseys, they can be one of the eight original Gym Leaders, weeding out the wannabes from the Pokemon Masters.

The only question is -- what gym would she train at?



    Such gendered article, much stereotypes, wow!
    Some of us geeks are not purely hetro.

      Then you'll be glad to know we have a "Valentine's Day Gifts For The Geeky Guy In Your Life" article going up at 12PM today :)

        Also, to be honest, if you need to get something for a geeky guy, you just have to throw a stone randomly. Chances are that it will land on one.

        What about for those of us who identify as 2 Binary, Non-Spirit, Magical Rainbow Unicorns? Wow, such stereotypes, welcome to the future cave people! ;)

    For those of us in life who identify as an Apache attack helicopter..... XD

      That makes you more powerful than a young boy's wish

    Awwww man, i was hoping there would be more things on the list. My geeky girl won't want any of that stuff.

      What kinda stuff does she like? We have a lot of ideas...

        Hahaha Thanks Campbell. She is a tough cookie as she is a gamer a strange love of Sonic, but also a fitness nutter. You can't get anything like a fitness tracker as she would obsess over it. I'm thinking Premium movies to see Deadpool, and some type of adventure (yet to work out yet... Maybe go jump out of a plane, or outdoor rockclimbing... Google is my friend right now)

    I got this (rose) for her -

    ...not because the calendar said I should but because I wanted to.

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