Uber Is Now Banned In The Northern Territory

Although legalised in New South Wales, Western Australia and the ACT, the Northern Territory Government has announced it will not make any legislative changes to allow Uber to operate legally in the region.

The decision came following a cabinet meeting discussing the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Review Report.

"This was a Cabinet decision where we would stop Uber at the moment from coming to the NT," Transport Minister Peter Chandler told the ABC.

Uber has been in talks with the NT Government to try to reach an agreement on legislation that would allow it to operate legally in the NT.

"I think the Territory does risk being left behind," Uber's Brad Kitschke said regarding the decision. "And that's something Territorians will have to consider if they don't have a government that's willing to look at progressive changes, embrace competition."

NT Taxi Council executive officer Les Whittaker said "There's so many issues regarding Uber and the likes of Uber that worry me. Safety issues and those types of things."

"If Uber did come in it would destroy our industry," said Taxi driver George Papantonakis.

A code of practice and further recommendations to the taxi industry also came out of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Review Report, including a "mystery shopper" program to increase standards, 13 more taxi licenses for more competition, and a cap on eftpos surcharges of 5 per cent.

Mr Chandler doesn't rule out Uber being introduced into the territory in the future, saying "It may just be a bridge too far to put these big reforms into an industry and at the same time accept that Uber might go into the NT."

"Companies like Uber may operate here one day. If and when they do let's make sure we've the right regulation."

Uber will continue to push to become legalised in the NT, but although it hasn't stopped the company before, has ruled out operating in the region against the wishes of the government.



    You can pretty much tell which states/territories are corrupt from uber. There is no notion of free markets. Crony capitalism with rent seekers everywhere. No concept of supply and demand.

    Of course it would destroy the taxi industry. Just like cars destroyed the horse and buggy industry and freezers destroyed the ice delivered to your house industry. Progress. Taxis are a rort anyway.

      As someone who lived in the NT for most of my life, Its worse than just a rort in the NT, you travel half the distance, with less than a quarter of the traffic and its double the cost as a taxi in Brisbane.

      Uber would RUIN the taxi industry in the NT in a matter of weeks.

        I have no trouble with a new industry disrupting an existing one. What does bug me is when companies claim to be prime contractors (while actually being employers) to abrogate their responsibilities and costs to their ersatz employees.

          This ^. It isn't just about competition and free market. It's also about all the other associated laws. Taxation, workers comp, entitlements and other labour and tax laws. All of which vary by state to state and each state has different facilities available to make and amend changes. So what can be done by one state isn't always easy done by the next.

            Most taxi drivers get none of that - most are day contractors who rent the car. The GST thing is fair - every service company operating in Australia should pay GST, full-stop.

    “Companies like Uber may operate here one day. If and when they do let’s make sure we’ve the right regulation.”

    One day? Come on! That day is today!

    Should also add this was a behind closed doors lawmaking process, this did not go through the house and 6 months ago the NT Government claimed to be in the process of making the NT the first place in Australia to fully legalise UBER.

    That's the CLP for you, we've had 2 chief ministers (technically 3 except Willem didn't do it properly, the old one refused to resign so the guy trying to take charge became deputy, they've back flipped several times and the was deputy Willem has just been effectively fired for cheating on his wife and investing in a company he directly had the position of approving their developments and his new missus was a direct executive employee off.) we've also had politicians getting in fist fights at centerlink. and that's just the small stuff.

      politicians getting in fist fights at centerlink

      Now this I can appreciate. Just let me know when and where.

    If taxi's pay huge fees to maintain the monopoly then you expect politicians defend their industry. If we are going to maintain taxi services then the government needs to use that money to regulate the industry way more. Taxi drivers should have held a full licence in the state they're working in for at least 3 years. They should be tested on their knowledge of the local area. They should be taught how to use their indicator and how to stay in the one lane. Vehicles should to be inspected regularly for cleanliness and road worthiness. If all taxi drivers respected our road rules and respected their passengers then people would appreciate their service and be happy to pay the premiums they charge. Places like London has been getting it right for decades, it's time Australian cities caught up.

    Just wait a few years for the dinosaurs to die out in NT.

    Just another example of how we have way to many levels of government in Australia. Just think of the amount of tax dollars wasted for each state debating and legislating this issue separately.

      So many things in our nation would be improved with national direction and national unity. Health, policing, transport, education, taxation would ALL benefit from some national cohesion. Clearer policies with less variation by state, and a national approach toward allocation of resources to the most-needed areas.

      Last edited 23/02/16 6:53 pm

    I live in the NT, and have taken a fair few trips home in a taxi after a night out, and it is honestly terrifying the way they drive. 130+ down a poorly lit two way road, hard braking like they're on a dam racetrack, and generally no idea where they're going. Not to mention the usual Taxi driver habits - Barely passable English, cars that are no way in hell roadworthy, cars that stink from the piss, vomit and what ever else ends up inside them.

    Its come to the point I'd rather have a night out sober, and save my self the $50 each way (which is only a ~20 minute trip) or rent a room in the city if its going to be a big night out!

      I think the American uber driver that killed what 11 people is going to start to end the safety claims. I've never been shot at by a taxi driver. And uber being regular road users. Na never seen any one do anything wrong before.

      Last edited 23/02/16 3:43 pm

        He shot them with a weapon not running them over with a car, what has being an Uber driver got to with it? Maybe it's time to ban cars?

          Well all taxi drivers are bad because of an incident he had with a taxi driver so I was saying all uber drivers are bad because of an incident with an uber driver.

            The Driver had no previous criminal record. Uber did its due diligence, Do you expect uber to start psych assesments with all its drivers now? Infact its because of Uber that he was able to be easily identified and his movements tracked.

            Last edited 23/02/16 8:08 pm

              Same can be said of taxi drivers.
              I'm pointing out the fact that when a taxi driver does something wrong the fingers pointed at the taxi industry, ill never go in a taxi again and all. but when it's an uber driver it has nothing to do with uber and it's all the individual at fault. Biased much?

              Last edited 23/02/16 8:48 pm

                1 incident compared to the thousands with taxi drivers. GOOD JOB G-MAN! YOU SHOWED UBER YOU DASTARDLY FELLOW! Uber is still safer, Where any of the passengers he picked up shot? NOPE? Can your location tracking be sent to friends when you are using a taxi? NOPE! This man did these shootings inbetween picking people up/ Off the clock. Taxi drivers do these things while working and to passengers.
                Uber > Taxi

                Last edited 24/02/16 12:11 am

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