Uber Is Delivering Puppies To Australian Cities Today

UberPUPPIES is in Australia for the first time today! Research from Purina Pets at Work shows that having pets in the office can reduce stress and improve productivity, so why not get a bundle of puppy awesomeness delivered to your office? Here's how it works.

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Uber has teamed up with the Purina Pets at Work mission, and local animal shelters, to bring UberPUPPIES to 8 cities in Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast and Sydney.

You will be able to request some puppy play time via the Uber app. If successful Uber driver-partners will deliver puppies from SA Dog Rescue (Adelaide), Animal Welfare League QLD (Brisbane/Gold Coast), Best Friends Pet Rescue Inc. (Canberra), Pets Haven (Melbourne), SAFE Perth (Perth), Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (Sunshine Coast) or Animal Welfare League (Sydney)for some puppy snuggles.

Puppies will be provided and chaperoned by shelter representative and an Uber representative at every stop, but be sure to puppy proof your office -- and check for any colleagues with allergies.

How to get your puppies:

1. Open your Uber app between 12pm and 4pm. 2. Request the "PUPPIES" option 3. If puppies are available, you and your colleagues will enjoy 15 minutes of puppy love. 4. It’s just a $40 snuggle fee and Uber and Purina will in turn support participating animal shelters. Plus, all lucky puppy recipients will get an Uber and Purina gift bag. 5. Found the perfect canine-didate? All puppies will be up for adoption.

Demand will be high and there are no guarantees, so best of luck!



    Kind of feel sorry for these puppies being dragged around from office to office in the 38- 40 degree heat today

      Yes, I'm sure they're using the new "Uber Walk" feature, and the event is only using dogs who don't have legs, necessitating in them being dragged along the ground.

      itd be hard for those two minutes from air-conditioned car to air-conditioned office.

      They're all up for adoption, and I'd hazard a guess to say most will have some interest in adoption by the end of the day.

    Uber Puppies vs 20% cut to uber fares affecting driver incomes. I think we all know who will win ... PUPPIES!!!

    Feel sorry for the puppies? They get cuddles all day long instead of sitting in kennels! Gosh, some people can be so negative! I'm pretty sure the company did their due diligence before running such a charity. Go Uber! So proud of you to support such a great cause.

    As far as publicity stunts go, this one is really blatant.

    "We need something to win people over. You know what people love?"
    "Cheaper fares? Loyalty discounts? Lower surge prices?"
    "Shut up, you're fired. People love puppies. We'll drive around with some puppies, people will mentally associate Uber with cute puppies. It's genius, I tell you Jerry. Genius!"

    Last edited 25/02/16 12:36 pm

      "We got banned in the NT"
      "So? Who would use it there?"
      "We're worried about bad press"
      "Ahh, just send donuts out to people"
      "We already did that"
      "Puppies, everyone loves puppies"

      Could backfire though.

      People associate cute soft puppies with toilet paper. Toilet paper is associated with crap.

      Therefore Uber = Crap!

        I think you're forgetting how the anatomy of a women works, in any case; that's a pretty broad association to make.

          You mean to tell me that woman aren't wiping their butts with fluffy puppies?

          WHAT THE??

    Uber Is Delivering Puppies To Australian Cities Today

    NO, THEY DON"T!!!
    We trying to book some and there are no any "available" in Brisbane CBD.

    Last edited 25/02/16 2:02 pm

    Uber is delivering puppies aweso..... oh the furry kind now the good kind, stuff that then.

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