Twitter Is Flatlining

Twitter Is Flatlining

Last quarter, Twitter had 320 million monthly active users, virtually flat from the quarter before. That's bad news, and if you look closer, it's actually worse. Last year Twitter started including what are called SMS Fast Followers, who are people who use the service exclusively by SMS, in its tally of monthly active users (or MAUs). A closer look at Twitter's earnings report today reveals that excluding these users, Twitter dropped from 307 million MAUs to 305 million MAUs. Ouch.

On the brighter side, Twitter's 320 million MAUs are a 9 per cent increase from a year before. Furthermore, the company's $US710 million in revenue is a significant increase from $US479 million a year before. That said, Twitter is still losing money, and the loss hasn't improved much: The company lost $US521 million in 2015 compared to $US577 million in 2014.

What does this mean? We've known for some time that Twitter has problems. Where Facebook continues to grow and grow, Twitter's been stagnating. It needs to add users at a higher rate or risk growing irrelevant.

The company seems to be well aware of its problem: Jack Dorsey took over as CEO this spring, and promptly removed top executives. This week the company launched a baby step of a timeline revision, and rumours are swirling that Twitter has plans to launch a Facebook-like timeline that's no longer strictly chronological. Twitter's core users might not like it, but the company needs more than that base to stop itself from tanking.



    My prediction: It'll keep dropping.

    Real time situations and DM celebrities (which you can only HOPE are real and not just a paid assistant responding) is where it thrives, but as a day to day social media platform I find it lackluster and useless. I think it was over hyped and used, the dust will settle and it'll keep dropping.

    Ummm... That's not flatlining that's called a plateau.

    Words mean something, please use them correctly.

      What do you think a plateau is? ...a flat line :)

        Flatline is a medical term and thus includes connotations associated with bottoming out and you know.... Death.

        As I said, words mean things and that's not always the most close minded literal interpretation of the exact terms devoid of context.

      You beat me to it. Flatline and flat line are two very different things. :)

    But where will all the news organisations get their stories from if Twitter fails?!

    Given the rise of the regressive left, SJWs and Twitter's Orwellian 'Trust & Saftey Council' Twitter has become a platform where the truth is irrelevant . Unless Twitter reverse this trend they are doomed.

      I thought you were joking but to my dismay the "Trust & Safety Council" is real!

      You'd prefer Twitter continue to allow racism, homophobia, misogyny and general vile behaviour instead?

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