Top Ten Apps To Help Survive Your First Term At Uni

Top Ten Apps To Help Survive Your First Term At Uni

Next week, a new generation of uni students will swarm to universities around the country, partying hard, making new friends and promptly forgetting everyone’s names. After the fun of O-Week however they’ll have to settle in for the next three or more years of stressful study, exams and living it up on a shoestring — and here are the ten best apps to make sure it all goes smoothly.

Hey You for free

Let’s start with the most important thing for any new uni student — coffee. Though most new students are probably still weaning themselves off the addiction left over from their HSC days, they’re going to need it again very soon. Luckily food and coffee ordering app Hey You is offering half price coffee for the whole semester, available to anyone who opens a Westpac Choice account for students (limit of one per day, valid until June 17).

Available Platforms: iOS, Android

Lost On Campus for free

Now that you’ve ordered your coffee ahead of time with Hey You, it’s time to actually find your way over to the café to pick it up. Lost on Campus does the opposite of what its name suggests, with maps from 42 campuses and over 36,000 locations in Australia. Like Google Maps but just for your campus, it’ll help you find anything from your lecture theatre to the closest toilet block. It also includes a community comment feature, so you can see what your fellow students think of the various coffee shops and food joints.

Available Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

iStudiez Pro for $14.55

For when you want to be a little more organised than the average student, iStudiez Pro does almost anything a student could ask for, including tracking your timetable, assignments and grades, sending you reminders for due dates and summarising everything neatly on a single master schedule for the day. It may not be as cheap as some of the other apps on this list, but it’s on par with a hard-copy student diary, and twice as useful.

Available Platforms: Windows

Dropbox for free

If your phone/tablet/laptop/computer doesn’t already have Dropbox installed, it’s something you need to get onto with all possible haste. When working on the go between multiple different computers, Dropbox’s cloud storage is a lifesaver. Never forget an assignment at home again, and reduce your reliance on those fiddly little USB keys that keep getting lost in your bag. It’s especially good for group work — save all your projects in the one folder and keep track of all the work that’s been done so far.

Available Platforms: iOS, Android, PC, Mac

Evernote for free

Throw away those pens, type your notes from this point onwards with Evernote. Not only can you type your notes into your device and save them to the cloud, you can also add images and audio if you have a more interactive learning style, plus search for keywords within your notes when you go back over them to study. Available on multiple devices, you can make sure you always have access to last week’s notes.

Available Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac

Studies for $38.99

Studies, formerly called Mental Case, is an app that is designed to help you study, surprisingly. Studies is designed to turn the your study materials into a set of beautifully designed flashcards, a proven technique for learning a lot in a short period of time. Not only this, Studies has a scheduling feature that helps you set the perfect timeframe for whatever it is you want to learn — never leave that study session too late again!

Available Platforms: Mac

WiFi Finder for free

Just as the name suggests, WiFi Finder will help you to find the best wifi signals to latch onto while you’re cramming in the back corner of a coffee shop. This app can help you find both free and paid hotspots, and even lets you know which will give you the best signal strength. No matter where you are when you urgently need to submit that last minute assignment, WiFi Finder will help you search for the right hotspot.

Available Platforms: Android

Splittable for free

Living out of home while you study at uni? Hopefully you won’t have any of those terrible housemates who never pay their fair share, but if you do get unlucky there’s always Splittable. Check who owes who what with a single glance, make sure you’re in the green on your next paycheck and keep tabs on that one guy who never seems to put in for groceries. When living in a sharehouse, a smart solution like Splittable is a must.

Available Platforms: iOS, Android

The Happiest Hour for free

Uni isn’t all about study. In fact drinking makes up quite a large part of the uni experience. While you’ll no doubt gravitate to a single overpriced bar that sits on or near your campus, when you’re living on a shoestring its worthwhile to check The Happiest Hour’s database of the best pub and bar specials around. You can search by location, time and even drink type, to make sure you’ll find the right place for a few post-study drinks.

Available Platforms: iOS, Android

Deliveroo for free

Whoops, you stayed up studying until 1am and didn’t get dinner, again! Deliveroo is here to help with their food delivery service — and as a bonus, they’re even offering a special discount for uni students during the first week of the semester to keep those busy minds fuelled. Simply download the app and use the voucher code “UNIROO” to receive $15 off your order up until the 8th of March.

Available Platforms: iOS