This Video Of A Crane Collapsing In Manhattan Is Your Worst Nightmare

This Video of a Crane Collapsing in Manhattan Is Your Worst Nightmare

Strong winds caused a colossal crane to collapse in downtown Manhattan on Friday morning. Someone in a nearby office caught in on tape from above, and holy shit is it scary to watch. One person died, and a dozen were injured in the accident.

Here's an unedited video:

And an equally horrifying clip that appeared on NBC News:



    Actually, my worst nightmare is living in a world where sensationalism goes unchecked.

    Fact: This is nobody's worst nightmare. 0/7,400,000,000.

      Fact: there is more than 0 humans who operate cranes on a daily basis, who would wholly disagree with your sensationalist comment about no one having the prospect of a crane falling as their worst nightmare.

        If you operate a crane you are probably aware there are so many more things with a higher likelihood of killing you just on the way to work each day.

          I worked close to power lines for 20 years and had to constantly beware encroaching.
          My worst recurring nightmare features extreme proximity to power lines.

          I'm much more likely to die of stroke, but probability is not where nightmares come from.

      It's totally up there, now, though. Especially after that guy died in a crane malfunction a month or so ago just a few suburbs away.


    Anyone with any kind of connection with humanity would be deeply and significantly traumatized by witnessing that event. "Worst nightmare" is putting it quite mildly I think...

      Horrible, yes. But for it to be your "worst nightmare" you'd have to be naked, late for an exam, unable to move, being chased by a monster/killer/demon, and unable to speak or call for help.
      That's be a strange crane collapse. :)

        Well maybe the bit at the end when you start falling then wake up with a jolt... that would probably fit right in.

    Play it with the sound muted and it's level with many, many 'construction fails' videos. Papiaani just posted one more yesterday. Construction accidents bonanza over there on YouTube

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