This Spaceballs 2 Prank Is Funny But Too Damn Cruel

This Spaceballs 2 Prank Is Funny But Too Damn Cruel

The above image has been popping up on social media for the last day or so. It appears to be a set of posters for Mel Brooks’ long awaited sequel to Spaceballs, Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money. These supposedly appeared in a New York City subway station. And it’s just plain evil.

Brooks has long talked about a desire to make this movie, especially with Star Wars on everybody’s radar once again. But there has been no official movement behind the scenes, meaning these posters are one of two things. Either they’re posters that someone really put up in the subway as a joke, or a Photoshopped image that someone made, also as a joke. We’re leaning towards the latter since every other site who has posted them has used the same photo from the same angle. No one has claimed responsibility just yet.

No matter what, it’s a prank. A great one to be sure but a prank nonetheless. You’ve especially got to love how whomever designed this used the Vader helmet from The Force Awakens as inspiration. Plus flatly referring to this image as “The Teaser Poster” is perfect. Mel Brooks himself would surely love these images.

Maybe one day, the Spaceballs will return, but not today.

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