This New Orphan Black Trailer Is Intense But Surprisingly Danceable

Video: Seriously! Grab your adopted brother and your three or four favourite clone sisters and get ready to get your groove on, because for some reason this new trailer for season 4 has a good beat and you can dance to it. Despite the trailer's oddly energetic soundtrack, none of the clones look happy here. Cosima is worried about Delphine; Alison is packing a gun; and Sarah is still wearing that terrifying rabbit mask for some reason. But the biggest mystery of all is how Skyler Wexler, who plays Sarah's adorable and precocious daughter Kira, hasn't aged a day since Orphan Black first premiered in 2013. Is it a clone thing? Was magic involved? I demand someone ask the Dyad Institute about this immediately. Season 4 premieres on April 11 on BBC America.

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