This Nerf 'Battle Racer' Is A Terrible Idea

So Nerf guns, I get. Sure, you can run out of ammo quickly for the rapid-fire ones and reloading is a pain in the arse, but it can be a bit of fun in the right circumstances. A Nerf ATV though? Yeah, not buying it.

OK, OK, it's a kid's toy and not designed with tactics in mind. I get that. But let's examine it as a children's plaything that you'd expect your kid to enjoy. I just don't see it.

The co-ordination involved is mental. You have to pedal, aim and dodge at the same time. All I'm seeing is a poor kid slamming into a tree, mid-reload, or reversing slowly while getting pelted by soft Nerf death.

That doesn't sound like fun. Surely not enough to warrant the hefty smile plastered on this kid's face.

No, this $US600 monstrosity is the sort of toy that gets pulled out once, before being consigned to the Garage of Forgotten Purchases.

What we really need is a Nerf exoskeleton. Make it happen, toy people.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]

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    Now if it was a tank with twin machine gun turrets and the cartridges held 1500 darts each, then we're talking.

    I think an electric one with a fixed, forward mount for different Nerf guns could work (only have to drive and shoot straight), or alternatively a Warthog type buggy for 2 kids where one pedals and drives, and the other gets a mini turret would be great fun. But this...I agree, too much stuff to deal with and most likely going to end up in a tree.

    Preparing the next gen to drive while texting and eating a hamburger

    Just the pedal cart itself is fine, forget the nerf guns and turret that claims to shoot 20 meters and realistically only shoots 10 meters.

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