This Month In Aussie Dashcams: The One With No Crashes

Video: Put them in charge of a couple of tons of metal, plastic and petrol, and people do some stupid things. Dash Cam Owners Australia has put together another compilation of Australians being morons on our roads -- and this month, it's actually not that bad.

We watched through this and were pleasantly surprised -- no serious crashes, although there are plenty of near misses.


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    I see driving like that almost everyday and I used to think that better policing and more/bigger fines would help but now I think that education is the only answer. When people learn to drive they need to be taught how to drive well and that being a courteous driver does not mean you have a small dick.

    Literally the first clip after the intro is a crash -_-

    As usual, the ones 'hooning' were actually the safest of the bunch, making clean passes. Even the idiot doing doughnuts cleared out when other cars appeared. It's the morons who're unpredictable and completely unaware that are the most dangerous.

      "The One With (Almost) No Crashes" might have been a better title :)

      Because doughnuts in the middle of the road is predictable and safe.

        I'm certainly not advocating it on public roads, but if you know how to drive, doing doughnuts in a clear area, in a well-maintained car, is perfectly predictable and safe.

          Expect 99% of the time morons are doing it in unsafe areas in cars that would no where near roadworthy and have no training in how to properly handle a car. Even if the person fulfilled the criteria you mentioned above, Say that person was doing a burnout at an intersection generating a lot of smoke making a car hard to see. What happens when a car travelling through said intersection at the speed limit? They cant see the car, They just see some smoke.

          The only safe place to do burnouts is either:

          A: in a big field on a farm
          B: On a skid pan on a racetrack

          Last edited 12/02/16 2:43 am

      They're safe until something minor goes wrong and they're fucked - been to too many accidents involving wanna-be racers who go "But I've done it before!" while they writhe in pain. Public roads aren't for hooning at all - they're not designed for it, and they're usually not in the best condition either. Go to a track or somewhere where you only pose a risk to yourself and others who are happy to accept that same risk. Don't do it in public where you could end up disabling or killing someone else.

      Driving fast on public roads is part of my job but I still wouldn't pull some of the absurd shit some people do in these clips.

    No serious crashes? there was a crash in the 2nd video, there was 3 crashes in total, but I suppose you could call them Automobile Kisses

    They do a separate compilation for the crashes which is why you don't see many in these "on the road" compilations.

    Did they catch the white car? What happened?

      I was hoping they got that cars details myself!

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