1,841 Terabytes Of Data Downloaded On Telstra's Free Data Day

After Telstra's 3G and 4G networks went down last week, compensation was offered in the form of a free day of data. So exactly how much free data can you use in a day? It seems some were on a mission to find out.

"By midnight, our customers had downloaded 1,841 terabytes of data. That’s the equivalent of around 2.3 million movies, or 5.1 million episodes of Game of Thrones, or 23 million downloads of Kanye’s new The Life of Pablo album, or 1.4 billion downloads of last year’s Miles Franklin winner, Eye of the Sheep – depending on the source and the quality of the file, of course." Telstra Group Managing Director Mike Wright said in a statement.

"We hope it helps make up for some of the inconvenience we caused."

One imgur user seemed pretty happy with the arrangement, and had a quick message for the telco: "Thanks."

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"Our Australian network had its busiest day ever yesterday as customers enjoyed free data all day, as part of our apology for last week’s mobile outage," Wright says.

"As soon as midnight ticked over we saw traffic jump up. It reached weekday peak traffic levels by 8am and climbed rapidly from there."

"All of our customers’ mobile data was included -- personal customers, business customers, pre-paid customers (even if they had no credit in their plan), mobile broadband customers, and customers with our retail partner Boost."

"Over the course of the day we had twice as much traffic as we would normally see on a Sunday (or any day). As we anticipated, the high demand meant some customers had slower than normal data speeds on 4G services, but overall the network performed as designed."

Did you take maximum advantage of Telstra's free data day? Let us know in the comments!



    I hit 278GB, but i haven't had internet in 5 months so my entire steam list needed updating.

    Not sure how much data I actually used, but I made a point of staying up until about 4am watching Netflix on Sunday morning. Had to make the most of it.

      The free data period only started from 12am on Sunday morning, that would mean you only used around 5-10 GBs of free data.

    It sucks, i was too busy yesterday to take advantage of the free data.

    Was it for all telstra mobile customers or just the ones affected by the outage?

      It was for everyone, including those using Boost.

    I didn't really use it anymore than usual, but I think it's impressive that the mobile network held up with that throughput :)

    Thanks Telstra, for the total copout of free data day on "socially unacceptable to use your damned phone" date day. I hope all the singles enjoyed their porn torrents.

      Are you complaining that Telstra provide "free" data on a day when you typically aren't allowed (by your Mother???) to play with your phone? Sound like sour grapes to me.

        Do you pull out your phone on date night? Poor form.

          LOL you're date night is Sunday? Actually, it makes more sense to give free data on a Sunday because statistically that is when most people are going to be home/available to take advantage of the offer.

          PS. Never heard of Sunday as "date night"

            You do realise it was Valentines day right? I wasn't going to pull out my phone at steak house dinner and deadpool in premium lounge :p

            Last edited 15/02/16 7:16 pm

              Haha! That did slip my mind. Mind you, I am a telstra customer and didn't take advantage of this haha. I reckon they just made it the first Sunday after the incident.

    And I wonder how many "new" businesses could be spawned if all providers always provided uncapped data.

    At Telstra's extra data rate of $10 per gigabyte, they gave away $18,410,000 worth of data. Just go to show how much they are ripping people off for extra data. Also if I was a Telstra share holder I'd be pretty pissed too. If they just stopped charging for extra data they would probably make up the money with new customer signups and everyone would be better off!

      You don't remember the speed drop after the Vodafone exodus?

    I'm not surprised that people took advantage of it, but seriously.. didn't people have better things to do on a lovely summer's day?

      May have been a "lovely summers day" where you were. This wasn't the case for the entire county.

    They have 16 million mobile services, so it wasn't even 150MB per service.

    Then you have these people who downloaded 400GB...... Probably more than the median 3,000 users.

    This sort of information would be very useful.... Know what customers to never offer excess data and data bonuses to. I remember on Telstra prepaid i got offers alot for free data, but my wife on the same plan got none, she used hers up most of the time.

      How many of those 16 million are services that never use any data? You know, like EFTPOS machines and the mobile devices the councils use to turn the sprinklers on or off?

    I got through legend of Korra season 3 episodes 1-12 off youtube. I would have watched season 4 but couldnt for the life of me find season 3 ep. 13. I am not going to skip ahead...no matter how much free data they throw at me.
    Besides I demanded the prime minister recognize my ownership of my equal share of nbn bandwidth so i could give it to csiro for scientific use. Damn minister for nbn told me to go f... myself. F...ing liberals have contempt for public property.

    Pfft. Always a negative Nancy who sees the evil in everything. Get off your arse, go start your charity Telco. Instead rewrite yourpost as wow Telstra gave away $18m of data for a few hours of network downtime. What company does that?

    Goes to show Telstra can handle that much mobile data usage and that their monthly data caps are way too low/expensive.
    (Not sure why, but I can't up-vote)

      They are expensive BECAUSE their network can handle that much data.

      Using your logic, the more Telstra spends to build and maintain the network, The more towers they build, the less they should charge!

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