This Is The First Ad For DeLorean's New Car

Video: The recently reinvigorated DeLorean Motor Company is putting a new low-volume vehicle back into production in 2016, based on the same iconic body and gullwing doors as the '80s DMC-12. To build a bit of unnecessary hype for what is going to be a 300-car run of the $100,000-plus coupe, DeLorean has made... an ad.

The ad chronicles the journey of a young man stumbling upon a lone DMC-12 sitting in the desert, its gullwing doors opening to invite him in. He then does exactly what we'd all do — goes for a drive. OzDelorean suggests there are 80-plus original DMC-12 cars in Australia of the original 9000 created; one belongs to thriller writer Matthew Reilly, while Brisbane's Brad Gaffy did his up in the Back To The Future trimmings for which the car is best known.

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