This Is The First Ad For DeLorean's New Car

Video: The recently reinvigorated DeLorean Motor Company is putting a new low-volume vehicle back into production in 2016, based on the same iconic body and gullwing doors as the '80s DMC-12. To build a bit of unnecessary hype for what is going to be a 300-car run of the $100,000-plus coupe, DeLorean has made... an ad.

The ad chronicles the journey of a young man stumbling upon a lone DMC-12 sitting in the desert, its gullwing doors opening to invite him in. He then does exactly what we'd all do — goes for a drive. OzDelorean suggests there are 80-plus original DMC-12 cars in Australia of the original 9000 created; one belongs to thriller writer Matthew Reilly, while Brisbane's Brad Gaffy did his up in the Back To The Future trimmings for which the car is best known.


    really deserves to be built on the Tesla platform

      Model S skateboard is *big*, though. It deserves to be built on the 25% smaller Model 3 platform, really :)

    As long as the update doesn't lose the spark the original has, I'm all for it.

    Are the specs the same as before?

    Engine-wise would be hoping that they would but something in that's modern.

    EDIT: just read the website, looks like they are :)

    Last edited 08/02/16 4:19 pm

    I don't really get it... Kid looks like he's only old enough to be a P plater, let alone even seen or cared about Back to the Future. Out of touch ad.

    What a cr*ptastic ad.
    Zero testosterone value (is that supposed to be porno music?) and more importantly zero nostalgia value (it references nothing except an old coin that gets thrown away, and... why?).

    Why the hell did they use an automatic for this ad??? sacrilege

    absolutely crappy advert for an absolutely crappy car.. and i still want one :D

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