This Fish Chasing A Laser Pointer Is Everything

The playful nature of fish may not be widely known, but this little puffer shows it off wonderfully. Look at it go! This is just adorable.

Image: Shutterstock

Just...maybe ignore the fact that this laser is attached to a gun (it kind of takes the shine away from the innocence of this video. Yep.)

A regular laser pointer would do the job just fine.

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    Can't just suffice owning a laser pointer like everyone else...
    Has to be a red dot sight on a glock.


      Holy shit surely that's a crime somewhere.

        Not in America, it's not. They have so much freedom, so they have no laws.

      Red dot sights use reflections on a partly reflective optical surface. They are not visible to the target. Lasers, well, you know.

        colloquially a red dot sight indicates a 'laser sight' - Everyone understands except for the CoD Prestige wannabe.

        Semantics - Relayed and spoken like a douche.

    I used to do this, it's funny though, the fish got sick it sooner than my cat did.

    Playful!? Isn't it obvious the fish are attempting to eat whatever they perceive the dot to be; they are not "playing".

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