The Wonder Woman Movie Adds Etta Candy, Diana’s Best Friend And A Total Badass

The Wonder Woman Movie Adds Etta Candy, Diana’s Best Friend And A Total Badass

New set pictures of Wonder Woman filming have revealed that British actress Lucy Davis is seemingly playing one of the most prominent — and hilariously great — supporting characters in Wonder Woman’s comic book history: Etta Candy. And this doesn’t appear to be the New 52 version of the character, but the amazing classic iteration from WW’s debut in the ’40s. The images feature Gal Gadot, Davis (with Etta’s classic red hair fully on display) and a host of extras filming scenes celebrating the end of the First World War in London earlier today — and while it’s pretty cool that we’re going to get to see Diana during the end of the Great War, the real highlight here is seeing Davis in all her glory as Etta Candy.

In the New 52, Etta is African American, and initially Steve Trevor’s secretary, before she becomes a full-fledged agent of ARGUS. Even before that, Etta was updated as a svelte blonde woman who was a secret agent for the UN and a plethora of other organisations to help out Wonder Woman out on her globetrotting adventures. Neither of them really hold up to the fantastic original iteration. Not only is Etta and Diana’s friendship an iconic aspect of Wonder Woman’s Silver Age legacy, the classic Etta is also an absurdly fantastic brawler who can pretty much rival Diana when it comes to badassery — and that is saying something.

In the Golden Age of comics Etta Candy — born to her parents Hard and Sugar Candy (I LOVE YOU GOLDEN AGE COMICS) — was a sickly malnourished girl Diana met in a hospital, who rejuvenated herself back to health by eating candy. Naturally, candy gave Etta newfound moxie, inspiring her and the girls of Holliday College’s Beeta Lambda sorority to go on adventures with Wonder Woman. Etta, who leapt into battle with cries like “Woo Woo!” and “For the love of chocolate!” could match Diana for bravery, and while she didn’t have any superpowers, she frequently impressed Wonder Woman with her feats of strength. Etta didn’t take shit from anyone — and was deemed worthy enough by the Amazons to be invited to Themyscira for festivals and celebrations.

Also, she once stormed a Nazi concentration camp armed with nothing but a box of candy.

Sadly, when Robert Kanigher took over Sensation Comics in the Silver Age, Etta and the Holliday girls were quickly phased out of Diana’s supporting cast, and Etta was eventually brought back as a slimmer, weight-conscious USAF lieutenant. It seems, though, that Davis is definitely playing the Golden Age incarnation of Etta, and hopefully that means we’re going to get to see her kick some major butt alongside Diana in Wonder Woman. We can but hope.