Thermal Imaging Reveals How Fast A Shirtless Person Loses Body Heat In The Cold

Thermal Imaging Reveals How Fast a Shirtless Person Loses Body Heat in the Cold

Video: Here is footage taken using the military spec Selex Merlin thermal imaging camera of a shirtless man in the Scottish highlands during winter. The point is to show how fast humans lose the heat on their body when their bare skin is exposed to the bitter blistering cold. When he first takes off his clothes, you can see that his body is all red. Warm! But then as time passes and snow hits him, his body turns yellow and then green. Cold!


    that was really cool. looked like his body was putting in a last ditch effort to heat him back up at the end of the video there.

    You are not seeing him lose body heat and turn cold. What you are seeing is his body making pysiological changes to cut down the rate of loss. His core temperature is almost certainly still normal or close to it, but blood flow to his skin is reduced, making his skin cold. He's still losing body heat, just not as fast. Eventually his core temperature will drop, but that will be hard to pick up with the thermal camera because his skin will be cold, or even frozen, already.

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