There Will Be A Second Tesla Powerwall In 2016

There Will Be a Second Tesla Powerwall in 2016

You probably never stood a chance of getting Tesla's Powerwall home battery first time round. But don't worry: According to Elon Musk, a second model will be ready to buy later in 2016. Speaking to Tesla car owners in Paris last week, in a video just published to YouTube, Musk explained that:

We've got the Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack, which we have a lot of trials underway right now around the world. We've seen very good results... We'll be coming out with version two of the Powerwall probably around July, August this year, which will see further step change in capabilities.

No word on what features will be offered -- it probably won't be a huge leap in battery technology -- but it's good news for anyone who failed to get one of the units during the first wave of pre-orders.

[YouTube via TechRadar via The Verge]

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    Gee I'd be ecstatic if I was the dude that installed the first one in Oz knowing that it's been superseded right at the start of its 10+ year life.

    wait! so you just drop 15K on the 1st Gen Powerwall and they announce a 2nd Gen version in the same year. Gotta love product cycles.

    Once again everyone is talking about cost and ROI. Did anyone buy a Tesla car because they looked at the numbers? Most people are not buying batteries to save money, they are buying them because they are a cool bit of kit. There are thousands of Aussies that can afford to drop that kind of money just for bragging rights. There will always v2 and v3 but by then every Tom Dick and Harry will have one.

      Tom, Dick and Harry had v1... they will wait till v3 before upgrading :P

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